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Cabrio Vs. Clam Shell

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Not sure on the best place to post this but figure I would start here. 


When it comes to Alpine ski boots, though there are boots designed for different things (i.e. park, race, recreational etc), as far as my limited knowledge on boots goes, there are two basic designs; clam shell and cabrio, and the rest of the differences are preferences.  By this I mean that though there might be differences in the design, a Full Tilt and Krypton Pro (or whatever) pretty much functions the same way.  Same with clam shell boots; a 150 flex race boot and an inexpensive recreational boot, might perform drastically differently, but they function pretty much the same way.  There for, are used, albeit with different results, the same way.


The reason I bring this up, is I’ve always been in Krypton Pros since I actually learned to ski for real (i.e. took lessons and got fitted).  It occurred to me that everyone that has ever lead a training session, has been in clam shell boots and I’ve read that the Kryptons are more laterally stiff and you need to make some changes in your skiing.


Hmmm.  Like what?  When I’m getting instructions, should I be translating some of that to account to the design of my boots?  When I’m describing sensations to students, do I need to account for this?  Is it possible that I would do better in a clam shell boot (assuming both are professionally fitted and designed for my intent)?


I thought the biggest difference with the KP was the more progressive flex.  I knew they are supposed to be laterally stiff, but I thought that would only make them more responsive when moving laterally (foreagonal).  They are definitely taller than most other boots and I’ve wondered if that made them stiffer for me (I’m 5’7”/170cm).



I like the boots I have and in no rush to give them up.  When fitted previously, I’ve been told they fit perfectly.  I’m going back again this November for a tune up and plan on discussing this with the fitter.  I have had some changes this year but I don’t think it’s anything that tightening the buckles more can’t correct (will be about 25# lighter than the start of last season when this season starts (close to 20 already).


I’m more than prepared for the “You’re over thinking this” replies.  Wouldn’t be the first time.  It’s a beautiful day and I’ve been pulling weeds and trimming hedges.  What else am I going to think about?


OK.  Back to my chores,





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Whoa!  this is difficult to answer and I'm not certain there is a technically correct answer, it is all opinion.  I can say there is no reason a Krypton is more laterally stiff than a 98mm "clam shell" boot, but maybe what you should do is test one.



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Thanks. I'm coming to the realization that this isn't far from asking if Stout's or IPA's are better. I did start another thread in the "Ski Gear Discussion" with the same title as it wasn't getting much action in this one. I think it was from how I worded the question.

My plan as of now is to go the Green Mountain Orthotics Lab in VT and see Bill Haight and ask him what would be best for me with my goals in mind. I'm sure the answer will be somewhere between keep what I have with a tune up and get new boots.

I think a lot of why I posted here was to see if my thoughts on this were on track and I should look into this further or take up badminton. I'm going with the former.

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going to GMOL is a great idea.  Asking Bill to recommend beyond fit probably won't get you what you want.  The differences in design are all about flex and that is personal preference.

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Thanks Lou. The more I talk to folks and mess with different boots, the more I realize what a personal preference it is. Will be a fun adventure to get this all figured out.
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