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Aussie Chick on the Road

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ok its been weeks since i logged on. finally found internet access in a library in Zion.

So i figure for any of you bored soles out there i'll update this semi regularly with interesting stories from my trip. so have toured Ireland..soooo pretty...sooo green...London where I partook in a coffee with the Fox ( beer? hmmm ) and then New Orleans Jazz fest where one strange night we found ourselves in the middle of the Louisianna swamp lands with a vampire worshipping red neck firing a friggin civil war cannon !!!

drove SF to Vegas yesturday and now find myself laying low in Zion. unfortunately I am under doctors orders to not over exert myself for a couple of days which the local bike shop has taken as a great opp to tell me how the trails here are better than Moab ! nasty nasty boys! perfect time to work on my bike and take some Jane time after weeks of partying my butt off.

lessons learned so far :

1. Guiness in Ireland is indeed mothers milk.
2. the fox is indeed Foxy.
3. No one in New Orleans ever sleeps...maybe they're all vampires !
4. firing a civil war cannon kicks arse !!
5. Semitrailers can often be found lying on thier side on highways in the US. very negative.
6. Being on the road is way cool =o)

Well more later, sorry if i bored you, hopefuly next time I will have been out on the trails.

Next stop Moab

Miss Jane
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Well Jane when are you going to be in Moab I'm heading down that way to do some camping in the next week or so.Chances are your not going to see this Just thought I would try anyway.
Have fun on the Road.
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Thank you Jane, and I'd have to add that you're not too bad yourself, in fact, you're a no-pinter!

Enjoy the rest of your trip, and I'll make up for the drink in Utah next year.

You have my word.

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ok justlost what I wrote...oops.

rode Gooseberry mesa today, managed to gain a few more bruises adn bit a of gravel rash having only a few gears to play with some gear slippage going on. damn I missed having the usual blokes with me riding to help with some of the techy stuff. have to get bike shop to show me how to fix it. anyway had a wicked time all the same and discovered Icould do things I didn't think I knew how

hiking in Zion NP is totally amazing. the views are spectacular and the hiking is awsome. I spent 10 days last yr rafting through the Grand canyon and no offence GC but Zion shites over you. its probably the smaller canyon giving a more intense expereince but its just amazing. The park is also very accessable to a wide variety of fitness levels....hmmm...don't people realise they can do and see so much more with a little health and fitness.

additonal lessons learned...

1. people in Utah are very friendly....lovely folk,
2. having an Aussie accent when pulled over by the local cops is very advantageous [img]redface.gif[/img] thank god !!!!
3. what doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow....if you can be bothered tomorrow..

Next stop Moab....

Utah49 - I'll be in Moab for next week or so give me a call if your around.


Miss Jane
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Hey Miss Jane. Sounds like your having fun. Doctors Orders? Hope nothing to bad. I have found that road rash is considerd sexy by male mtn bike riders! So you met the Fox, hmmm.

Does not seem likely that our paths will cross this trip. We are off to the Caymans for some diving on Friday. Hope to see you in the winter.
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Sounds like fun. I agree, Zion is way more beautiful than The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is just big... Bryce NP is also a wonderful place if you make it there. Arches is also very nice.
Enjoy Moab and take care.

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hey folks...Utah49 i sent you a pm give me a call if your in Moab still.

all i have to say is the riding so way cool, so much damn fun !!! been riding for about 6 days straight... we did Porcupine Rim ( favourite by far ! ) slick rock ( cause you have to) and Amasa Back ( great views) and a few other killer rides...

Jane now needs to rest, let her wounds heal (OUCH) before hitting a few more rides and heading to Downieville and more riding.

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Good to hear you are having fun...keep it up!
hope to see or hear from you if you pass through the gorge.
Ray and Leigh
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Hey Jane, where are you now? Porcupine Rim is one of my favorite rides as well, little intimidating near the big cliffs at the end makes it all the more fun!

I'll be in Zion's this weekend for some backcountry backpacking if your in the area. But I think your already East of there. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
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