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Marker Squire bindings

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I got squire bindings on my  Opus' at the end of last season and I like them. I am looking for bindings for the new "Gotbacks" I just bought for my daughter. I have the black and white version of the Squires, there is a blue/green version that would look better with her skis. My question is are they the same other than color? The various pictures look a little different, and I don't see the blue/green on Markers web page.


I just want to make sure I know what I am ordering.




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Yes! Exactly the same.


But..... your first link is to the Demo/Rental version (moveable on a track to accomodate different boot sizes). The second link is to the regular version. You want the regular one I guess.


Personally I find the plastic-y click of the Squire heel less than confidence inspiring and would rather hunt down a Griffon 12, but if you like the Squires then go for it.

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