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Need some equipment advice for my High School Racer

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I need some advice on the next set of skis for my high school racing son.


My son is a high school racer here in Michigan (manmade, hardpack and sometimes slightly icy conditions, short courses usually). He is currently racing on a used 2006 Nordica Dobermann SLR @ 155CM with Vist plate. Rec salomon binding and Nordia Beast ski boots (I know these are not race boots but he says they are "comfortable and his feet don't get cold like everybody elses" -I would welcome boot suggestions too _ i am thinking he is nto getting the performance out of the boot eventhough he seems to be ok with them - dont want to screw with too much stuff but maybe the boots have something to do with his stability in the course). So looking for Ski recommendations (and even boot and binding recommends if you think that will help him). Would like to get him something before the season starts (demoing would be ideal but maybe can't get on the snow soon enough to demo and limited race ski demos here in MI I am guessing).


Just wondering what your opinion of the next step in ski/equipment for him is (he was complaining last season of losing edge, slipping out in races with the Nordicas- mostly technique probably). I think he is skiing on a .5/3 tune (wonder if that is sufficient for his ability and conditions here).


He is 5'10-5'11 and 180 lbs. Intermediate to maybe getting to advanced high school racer (varsity).


I was thinking of the Atomic D2 SL line for him (maybe 2012 or 2013 redstar) and moving him to a 165 (or greater). He uses the same ski for Slalom and GS races as of now. High school does not have tight standards on length etc. so he can use whatever - he will most likely only ever ski in High School races and camps out west and is probably not good enough to ski in college or beyond. He currently uses the same ski for slalom and gs races. Less worried about sl vs gs and more concerned with a ski that will help his stability, confidence and ability to finish races.


I was thinking of the Atomic D2 SL's (wonder if GS's, in a shorter length, would still be too hard on slalom courses). -OR- the Dynastar Omeglass TI's seem to be rated high. Everybody in his league seems to favor the Fisher's but they seem to be less favored than the Atomics and Dynastars by reviews I have seen.


Note: I have heard that race ski manufacturers are moving to softer tips recently (maybe to get into the turns easier). IS and FIS or "wrold Cup" ski designation too much ski for him? Would hate to go more rec-like ski than what he currently has and find out it is too soft but then again, maybe that is the direction that would help him ski more confidently? Sort of torn between longer/more compliant ski and/or longer/more competitive ski??? 


Reading good things about the "rocker" tip race skis like the slant tip rossi, atomic redstars, etc. Any words of wisdom there and if you can go longer and not sacrifice turning radius (with the idea of giving more stability with length, less losing an edge possibility). I am am older 1980s racer and my idea of stabiliity is longer skis. I know things have changed but trying to figure out some range of options for him.


Any advice you can give would really help. Looking at suggestions for size (155-175?) brand experiences, and other considerations. Thanks a million for any advice you can give.

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An additional note - from what I am reading - the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Ti's are pretty good skis. It appears they have four models. Worldcup Speed Ti, Worldcup Course Ti, Speed TI and Course Ti (I think I got that right). Essentially a Slalom version (speed TI) and a Gs version (course TI). I am really liking what I am reading about the Dynastar Ti line.


Between these four, what would you look at and consider. Logic would say the World Cup Speed TI or the Speed TI. BUT, with the new tip rocker, etc wondering if some combo of Course Ti is appropriate for a HS racer for GS & Slalom courses. These are not FIS level courses, but not nastar either.


Thanks again.

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it would be simpler and more consistent for responses if you only posted this in one forum instead of multiple ones.  Suggest any respondents add to the one already created in Ski gear discussion 

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Thanks Scotsskier - good advice...


Please use the following thread for all responses (sorry about the confusion)...



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