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Hello everyone,


I'm looking to buy new boots this season, and I would really like to find a store that has a really good bootfitter. In all of my years skiing I have had only one boot that was comfortable, warm, and fit snug and that was a pair of used Raichle Flexon Comps I bought off a friend. Any new pair of boots have been bought at big box sporting good stores or the one time I was 14 years old I cut grass all summer long and saved my money to buy some Dynafit 3F Comp S so I could have the same boots as my favorit skiier at the time Peter Muller. ( Wow did I just date myself there LOL) which a bought at a ski shop. Worst boots ever but boy did they look cool LOL.


Now to the point of the post. I live exactly between Ottawa Ontario Canada and Montreal Quebec Canada 1hr drive to each city. I'm also 1hr from the St. Sauveur Valley, and 1hr from Cownwall Ontario Canada. If anyone could recommend a really good ski shop in any of these places or if you could recommend a really good bootfitter by name in any of these places it would be greatly appreciated. 


I don't care what brand the shop sells, I'm just looking for that one person who is passionate about getting the consumer into the right boots.