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ski recommendation

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I tried out Salomon xwing storm skis this spring and really liked them. Their was a little powder but mostly hard and icy. I want to know if this is a good all mountain ski. I am a intermediate skier, like to ski slower and in control while making lots of turns. I normally ski twice a year and never know what conditions i will encounter so i wanted a ski that would be good for whatever i encounter. I will say the the xwing storms are the best feeling ski i have tried out yet but there are so many out there it is impossible to try many. Every year i get demos and try them out. Maybe no more than i go it would be best to just keep renting. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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For the price of "new" skis & bindings - even though you can find some pretty killer closeout deals on those x-wings online - you can demo the latest & greatest skis out there about 10 times. You can then ride a ski most suited to the current snow conditions & terrain this way. Given the speed at which ski design is progressing, it really does make sense to demo instead of buying. But...


Even though I only get to ski 2 weeks per season (I really hate living on Oklahoma!) I just bought a pair of skis. I found a used set of Libery Double Helix's w/ bindings for $280 a couple months ago. I just couldn't pass up the deal!

It made sense to me because I got sick of having to find a local shop with the right ski in the right length that I wanted to demo (especially during Christmas Break). And I was using my precious vacation time getting fitted & driving from shop to shop to find the right ski. It is really nice to just drive to the mountain without having to worry about gear.


If you're not exceptionally picky about skis & if you don't mind the time it takes to get fitted with your gear, demo'ing is an excellent idea that let's you sample the best of the year's new skis.


You definitely need to own your own boots, though. Do you currently have a decent pair of boots? If not, your money is much better spent on boots vesus skis.

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The more i think about it i think it may be best to demo skis. I do have my own boots which i think are a must. I live in SC and only get out west a couple times a year. Also if you have your own skis that is a extra bag so just adds in cost as well.

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