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Titanium hardtail MTB for sale

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fellow Bears, I am about to begin building a pure freeride bike, and to do so, I must eliminate one of my existing mtn bikes. After painful thought, I have decided to part with my beloved Airborne Lucky Strike. I would like to offer it to folks in here before resorting to other methods. Here is the parts spec:

18" Airborne Lucky Strike Ti hardtail frame (1999 model year)

Shimano XT bottom bracket, crankset, hubs, chain, cassette.

Marzocchi Z3 BAM 80 fork (2001 model)

Chris King headset

Titec Knucklehead DH stem, 105x5. Other sizes/types available.

RaceFace AirAlloy Low Rise bar (1" rise, 24.5" long). Easton EA70 flat bar available too.

Avid SD-7 brake levers and Arch Rival 50 calipers

Icon seatpost, 400mm with 1" setback

Salsa Flip-Lock seat collar

Colorado Cyclist-built wheelset, XT Hubs with Mavic 217 rims and DT 14-15 db spokes (32)

Saddle - buyer's choice from among many, including Bontrager FS+10 RaceLite Ti, Bontrager FS+10 CrMo, Bontrager RaceLite Ti, WTB SST-XCZ, WTB SST, SDG Grand Prix

Tires - buyer's choice from among Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1 127tpi, IRC Notos 1.9, Hutchinson Python Airlight 2.0

Pedals - Ritchey Logic clipless, or Time ATAC Alium

Cables/Housing - full Gore Ride-On

Shifters - SRAM 9.0

Rear Derailleur - SRAM 9.0

Bike is in excellent condition, always well-maintained. Digital images available upon request.

Price: $1400 o/b/o -- make me an offer! :
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How much for delivery?

(not joking)

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never thought of the TransAtlantic shipping, Zorro. I know that Continental US shipping via UPS Ground would be around $30-35.

if you know of any TransAtlantic carriers that accept bicycle boxes and are reasonably priced, I will work with you.
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Unfortunately, no, Gonzo, it's not one of my areas of expertise, but I'll ask around.

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Hey guys hope this helps.


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Thanks, Ed!

Zorro, please send me a PM with the Postal Code and Address where you would want me to ship it.
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Have PM'd you.

Let me know the delivery costs, then we can start arguing over the price!

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Heh, heh, heh...

And you used to feed me cr@p about building my FSR up into a gravity sled.

Gonz is headed to the dark side!

What bike are you building up?
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hey Gill, how's it going?

right now I'm looking at 5 different frames:

Santa Cruz Bullit w/ 5th Element upgrade
Ellsworth Joker
Dirt Works Termite
Balfa 2-Step
Craftworks FRM 125

There's a chance I will just go the simple route and get an Iron Horse G-Spot.

There's also the chance that I simply will stick with the Isis and build a less expensive freeride hardtail with a Craftworks Rail, Surly Instigator, or Cove Stiffee FR frame.
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Zorro, the DHL freight cost is an astronomical $450, which is ridiculous.

I will look into other options.
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Thanks for the hard work so far, but at that price, forget it!

If you can sell the bike locally, you'd be better to do that.

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that's exactly what I was thinking. you and I both will get ripped off at $450 shipping.

there must be an easier way.
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(this is meant as humour)

You could always ignore Kyoto, wait for the inevitable next ice-age, fit spikes to the tyres, and ride it over.

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Never mind the $450, I'll also get hit for import duty by Customs & Excise.

It might be cheaper for me to buy/build one over here!

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