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Mountain Biking Revelstoke

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I just returned from a short mtb trip to Revelstoke.  It’s a shame that I haven’t mountain biked there before as it is such an awesome place to ride and is only 4 hours from my home.  Revelstoke has epic rides and lots of variation.  Enjoyed the riding almost as much as Moab, although it is much different and there are not as many rides in Reve.  We rode two days and did three circuits.  Could have easily spent a few more days on mtb and a few more road riding some of the quiet and beautiful paved secondary roads.


Frisby Ridge is an out and back, with an easy single track climb of about 750 meters and is mostly alpine meadows.  The ride out is very smooth fast and flows nicely.  After doing the ridge, we rode down Frisby Downhill, which is accessed by riding down a short distance from the Frisby Ridge trail head on a gravel road.  Frisby DH is steep and gnarly with a bit of exposure in places, but all of it is ridable.  Together with Frisby ridge and the short section of gravel, the total almost continuous vertical downhill was about 1750 meters (about 5500 feet).


Here is a couple of pics of Frisby Ridge.



Revelstoke town and ski hill in background

Crest of trail - it flows down to a lake from here


End of trail at lake



Keystone is single track in almost continuous alpine meadows and we hit the tail end of peak wildflower season.   There are a few steep climbs and rocky sections that are hard to ride and one small patch of snow that was not ridable, but it is great trail with outstanding views.  The trailhead is a bit remote – 50 k paved road followed by 17 k gravel road.  The trip is more than worth it as the trail starts near to the alpine.  This isn’t really an epic ride in length or difficulty, although it is much fun.  Total distance about 22 k with an accumulated vertical of close to 850 metres.


Here are two pics from Keystone



Non-stop meadows, flowers and huge mountain background with glaciers


steeper section of trail -


The Macpherson trail system in Reve is fairly extensive and we only had time to ride a small portion of it (several hours riding).  We followed the advice of locals and did Flow Down after doing some exploration on other trails.  Flow Down turned out to be a delightfully flowy and fast trail.  The locals put a lot of effort into this trail system and everything we rode was well groomed and intelligently put together.  Flow Down had nicely bermed corners that flowed into the straights without surprise (read - fast).  I’d love to spend a day or two exploring the Macpherson system.


Overall, I was very impressed with the Revelstoke in the summer.  Similar to the ski hill, the mtb riding has elements that are raw, steep and gnarly, but also fast and flowey and FUN.

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Good stuff, thanks for the report.
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Man, I gotta get up there!

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