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Is a stock intuition liner an advantage?

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I am in the market for new boots and am looking at Dalbello (KR Two Fusion ID, Il Moro ID, Rampage ID), Full Tilt Classic, Nordica Fire Arrow F3 and maybe even the Tecnica Coshise 100. The Dalbellos and the Full Tilt come with Intuition liners. The Nordica and Tecnica do not. I've seen lots of talk about how crumby stock liners are, packing out almost instantly. But it is hard to believe that Nordica and Tecnica make crumbly liners. Should I consider the Intuition liner in the Dalbello and Full Tilt a real advantage, that tilts me toward the Dalbellos and Full Tilts and away from the Nordica and Tecnica?


I'm not sure that it matters for this question, but I am a guy in my 50s, advanced, mostly front side skier. 5'10", 135 lbs. Ski both east and west. Narrow feet, bony ankles, narrow calves. Fit along the inside of my ankle has often been an issue. I know I need to find a talented fitter, but I'm trying to avoid getting a boot fitted, packing out the liner in one season, and then springing for an Intuition or Zipfit liner next year.


Many thanks for the help.

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so FIT is the key thing,  all the boots above fit someone great, but all do NOT fit the same.  The liners on all boots pack out, (intuition ones too) so that is why you need to get them tight to start with. 

So if ALL other things where 100% the same for fit, then yes, intuition liners are warmer and lighter.


I would WAY rather have a boot that fits, with a stock liners, then one that doesn't fit, with an intution liner.

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Mtnlion has it right.  Buy the one that fits and don't worry about the liner.



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Sounds like you need a low volume shell first and foremost.  Compare the models you are considering.  Put them side by side sans liners and look into the shell cavities to compare volume.  Choose the one that is closest to your feet and ankles.  Ideally a lower volume shell with the Intuition would be a good choice as once the liner is heated and formed it should provide a snug fit.  Putting an Intuition in a higher volume shell with your narrow, low volume foot will not work as Intuitions only compress in the molding process and do not expand to fill voids.  A better choice in filling voids of a higher volume boot would be to choose the appropriate volume Zip Fit liner.


Bottom line is it sounds like you have specific needs that should be addressed with a skilled fitter.


Oh! and I noticed you are new here!  Welcome to Epicski Boggy, I hope you find the sight useful and enjoyable!



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