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What will you be spending your money on this ski season?

Poll Results: Which of the following do you intend to purchase this ski season?

Poll expired: Sep 4, 2012 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 13% of voters (25)
    Season Pass
  • 6% of voters (12)
    Multi-area Ski Pass (e.g., Epic Pass)
  • 7% of voters (14)
    Ski Trip in state
  • 17% of voters (32)
    Ski Trip out of state
  • 3% of voters (6)
    Ski Trip out of country
  • 8% of voters (16)
  • 7% of voters (14)
  • 1% of voters (3)
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Telly/Randonee Equipment
  • 1% of voters (2)
    Touring Equipment
  • 2% of voters (5)
  • 3% of voters (6)
    Avalanche Gear (any kind)
  • 5% of voters (10)
    Jacket, Parka, Shell, etc.
  • 3% of voters (7)
  • 1% of voters (3)
  • 5% of voters (11)
  • 2% of voters (4)
    Ski Conditioning Classes/Equipment
  • 6% of voters (13)
    Bootfitting (e.g., footbeds and or liners)
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Ski Car
  • 2% of voters (5)
    I plan to be at the Gathering at Big Sky, Mar. 23-29, 2013
188 Total Votes  
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Another poll to amuse us on this last summer weekend...


What ski-related buying are you planning on doing this season? Please feel free to add whatever explanation you like to your poll answers. Personally, I'd be interested to know how much money you estimate you spend on skiing every year -- whatever it is, it's probably less than if you spent a similar amount of time in a luxury spa or on polo ponies. wink.gif

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Gas will be the biggest ski related expense.. as usual..

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I always forget something obvious -- like gas. Sigh. 

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If I ski 80 days all at this local hill, does that constitute a "ski trip"?  Didn't check any of those options.  

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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

I always forget something obvious -- like gas. Sigh. 

in state trip, out of state trip..  whatever!  Just bitchin' bout gas prices.  Oil subs??  Whattabout my ski subs?  Time for someone to revive the EpicSki Party Platform!


first of all, there shall be no taxes whatsoever.
free skiing to everyone over fifty(and blonde women over fourty)
people over fifty get the first hour of the resort opening to themselves.
free food at any of the resort restaurants
free apreski drinks for those who ski at least fifteen bump runs daily
your choice of ski equipment to demo everyday
massage and manacure on the gondola ride up every afternoon
free Starbucks every morning
free parking lift side at any resort
the possibilities are endless


I nominate Glen Plake for President.


EpicSki Platform policy on crime:

Capital Punishment For Stealing Ski/Snowboard Equipment With Zero Tolerance-exceptions for the honest I got yours and you got mine by mistake of course..



Sorry, link is to supporter lounge forum areatongue.gif 

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Depends: If the pulmonary hypertension testing I'm undergoing in a week or so shows they can safely medicate me to continue living at 10,000 feet, I'll just be buying a senior pass for A-Basin. Otherwise, I'll be making trips to other ski areas at lower altitudes to pick my next location. I know where I'd like to go, but it'll depend upon the bride.
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So far this summer I have had the following procedures:


- TKR, right knee, 5/3


- rotator cuff and bicep repair, right arm, 6/27


- repair of 3 middle toes on left foot - today!


- repair of 3 middle toes on right foot - TBD!


I will be happy to be on snow when I can, where I can.  Have Epic and Mammoth season passes, but I did buy pass insurance on the Epic pass just in case . . .  


I do expect to be a frequent visitor in Footloose at Mammoth, where Kevin can repair some of the Zipfit liner cuts he has made over the past several years to accomodate my degenerating feet.  Or I may need new Zipfits, or even new boots.  If so, I will be learning more about the boots like the Fischer Vacuum with the moldable boot.


Kneale, I hope you're OK as well.

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While my non-skiing hubby would like to know, I avoid thinking about the total amount spent related to skiing each year.  Do know what the trips out west usually run.


Not planning on buying much in the way of new equipment or clothing this season.  The time, effort, and money is going into rehabbing a knee that doesn't have an ACL any more.  Oh yeah, will need to get a functional brace.  Done with what's needed for day-to-day activities so moving on to what's needed for indoor rock climbing and skiing.

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Like other response, my big expense will be gas.  I am fine with my rod quiver.  The boots are dialed.  I have the accessories covered.  Same with the season pass.


I just need new baselayers.  When I moved across town last spring, I accidentally donated a lot of my baselayer bottoms to Goodwill.



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Another obvious answer: medical procedures! I exist in a perpetual state of denial so I have no health problems. rolleyes.gif

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An advantage (discount) card for the 3 closest local resorts, a number of day trips to local areas and right now at least one out of state ski trip, some lessons to build off of and reinforce what I learned last year, adjustments to dial in my boots, and as others have said, gas.

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How about costs associated with being in an adult race program.  I got race fees, and travel expenses to the various local resorts we race at.


Rick G

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Living 400 miles from Mammoth and almost 600 from Lake Tahoe (annual trip) I do a lot of driving to get my 30 days in.

So number 1 expense is depreciation/maintenance on the car.

Lodging is about $2,000 a season

Then gas is at least $1,000

Season pass and lift tickets while in Tahoe about $1,000

Lessons are $200-$300 a season

Ski trip is usually $800+ when I take one.

That isn't throwing in a new pair a skis per season (offset by sale of old pair) and all the gear I like to buy as I am a gear whore.

I have never really sat down and did an accurate tally of the season expenses, but for just me, it is likely close to $7k a season to skieek.gif

Maybe I need to stay home and be happy surfingrolleyes.gif

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Seasonal rental near the mountain.  Haven't done this in the past; it costs real money.  This rental will multiply my usual ski expenses by 10.

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New skis. I bought beginner level skis last year (my first year skiing in over a decade) and was regretting it by the end of the season. I want to improve my skills on both steeper and non groomed terrain this year. 

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Hmm.  Family of four.  Probably biggest expense is lodging.  After that is probably 2x season passes and 2x ski team fees.  Gas runs about $75 per trip, all of which are in-state, but luckily that state is California.  Wear and tear on the minivan is likely more.  Food is same ballpark.  Clothing and equipment is about $1000 for the whole family this year, as we upgraded some jackets and I grabbed some $200 eBay skis on top of the skis/boots for the growing girls.



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Originally Posted by Xela View Post




For us, the biggest expense is as always the passes, ski team for kids, and the ski lease cost.  Add to that money for gas, food, and Wildflour chocolate chip cookies.  The bad part is that not a lot is left for the usual gear whoring...  Sadly, same goes to the trips to other locations... But... having fun on the snow with your family and friends on a great mountain every weekend - priceless.... 

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Maybe I should say biggest expense is my mortgage?  

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One trip in state, one or two trips to the state to the south, helmet, poles, gloves, jacket, pants, rock skis, and finally, beer, actually put beer first.

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Beer. How could I forget beer? But then, what about wine? And if wine, what about bourbon and scotch? Not to mention our other medications (Ibuprofen, surely). 

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Flawed pole.


First aid course (although I may get that back if I get in enough Patrol hours).

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