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FOR SALE: The Clubmaker's Art (considered by many the most beautiful golf book ever produced) $99

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My skiing and golfing friends at EPICSKI have the first crack at this 576 page epic book (I have two copies and need only one) before it is consigned to auction.  The Clubmaker's Art is considered by many to be the most beautiful and authoritative book on the subject of golf clubs.  My price is well below the average asking price for the original first edition, since I'd lose some of the difference at auction anyway.  See: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/096530390X/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used .  Note well that the retail price for the 2nd edition is $275!   Some use this as a coffee table book, but I'd keep food and drink well away from it.  PM me if you have an interest in purchasing this wonderful work by Jeffery B. Ellis.


Note:  I may move during ski season.  I intend to sell all my non-essential ski items first on EPICSKI and then on eBay.  I am putting this golf book up for sale here for fun, since the date to get into the catalogs for a couple of golf auctions is at least a month away.  We can't always ski, which is why we golf.  For the price of a lift ticket, you can purchase this book and think about golf year round.


The Details:

Title: The Clubmaker's Art: Antique Golf Clubs and Their History

Author: Jeffery B. Ellis

Condition: Interior is fine (excellent), with the dust jacket having some light to moderate wear.

Edition:  First (published in 1997)

Publisher: Zephyr Productions Inc., P.O. Box 1964, Oak Harbor Washington, 98277

ISBN: 0-9653039-0-X (Hardcover Edition)

Library of Congress Card Cata`log Number: 96-90369

Shipping & Insurance: Actual cost.  The book is very heavy and I'm estimating shipping at $20.


Note: Actual Photos on the bottom of the page.



"If you buy one coffee-table golf book in your life, buy this one.  It is a magnet for anybody who is fascinated by antique golf clubs or the history of golf implements. . . Jeff Ellis spent 10 years completing The Clubmaker's Art, and this book is a monumental achievement.  " 

 "This is, and probably will be for many years, the ultimate golf club wish book. . . Readers will marvel first at the high-quality photos, then at the volume of text, which is more than just picture captions. The Clubmaker's Art is worth its price." 
           --Maine Antique Digest

 "The Clubmaker's Art is absolutely a revelation.  You do not need to be a golf collector to love it." 
           --The Golf Channel 

 "The Clubmaker's Art by Jeffery Ellis is the most complete, authoritive and stunningly beautiful book ever produced on antique golf clubs.  It is a must for those who love the game." 
           --The Golfer 

Thompson & Mitchell cirra 1906 Metalwood


"This beautifully prepared presentation is what it purports to be: a true and complete history of the golf club... Ellis's work will become the bible and chief catalog." 
          --The Newark Star Ledger

"If you really love golf, there is a new book for your must-have list . . . The Clubmaker's Art." 
          --Golf World

"The Clubmaker's Art by Jeffery Ellis is easy to recommend.  It is a stunning work that will stand the test of time in the world of golf history." 
          --American Golf Players Association Magazine

"The Clubmaker's Art is by far the premier golf club reference book for all golfers and the club industry." 
          --John A. Solheim; 
               President, Karsten Mfg. Co. 
               (Ping Golf Clubs)

Charles Ashford cirra 1903 Combination Wood
Robert Higgs cirra 1905 Rake Iron
"The Clubmaker's Art is easily the most comprehensive, creative and aesthetically pleasing book ever published on the early mechanics of golf." 
          --The Business Journal

"Not only is The Clubmaker's Art the most complete and well-documented book of its genre, it will endure for years as such." 
          --Karen Bednarski; 
              Director, World Golf Hall of Fame 
              (USGA Museum Curator 1989-1996) 

"Goodness what a glorious book!  If you have never seen a work of love, check out these pages." 
          --Minneapolis Star Tribune

"An exaustively researched celebration of early clubmakers and their work, The Clubmaker's Art is a special book worth adding to your collection." 
          --The Chicago Tribune

"A tour de force and labor of love, The Clubmaker's Art describes in rich detail more than 1,000 rare and innovative clubs and brings to life the craftsmen who created them." 
          --Senior Golfer

"With amusing antecdotes and luxurious color photography, The Clubmaker's Art is certainly rich." 
          --Golf and Travel Magazine

"Author Jeffery B. Ellis gives serious collectors--and even the not-so-serious--just what they have been looking for: a thorough, informative and photographically rich, all encompassing anthology of antique golf clubs (17th century to early 20th century). . . .  For those with even the slightest interest in the history of golf equipment, TheClubmaker's Art is a book that can be referred to with relish again and again." 
          --Golf Digest

"You'll find stunning photography and a deep appreciation of golf's rich equiptment history in this elegant coffee-table book." 
          --Golf  for Women


Actual Photos:







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Hello how can I buy this book? I will do so immediately but I am new to online purchasing and require instructions. Is this through eBay or other?
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PM sent.

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