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lange rx vs xt

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choices..have you any opinon on build quality, liners ,buckles etc of these boots warmth for me is a factor but so is performance like to be able to drive a boot, looking to replace a four year old banchee wrong sizing.

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both are great boots, however giving you advice as to which way to go would is not very easy with the information that you have given.


how bout some hints, like where you ski, how you ski, are you into the back country, side country, do you only ski within the area boundries, etc, etc, etc.


opinion on build quality, liners ,buckles etc of these boots warmth for me......they are both designed and built by the same engineers and factory, with similar materials, liners, buckles, rivets, zeppas, etc.



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Jim: ski interior BC about 30days/yr,70% off piste all mountain trees and bumps natural ones side country i quess is the new term...was leaning toward the xt for the versatity but then read some negitive things about the quality of the liner,flez and walk mode and i don't get a chance to see them until i fly west in Jan.  Thanks

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are you hiking or skinning when you are in the BC or side country?


so the negative stuff out there is a little pre-mature as the boots that were floating around last spring where all pre-series boots. that means that they were not final production. there is little on snow feedback for the final production models.


the finish quality of lange products in the last few years has been stellar.


the big question that you need to answer for your purchase is how much time am i spending going up the mountain versus down the mountain. and are you willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of downhill ski ability for better skinning and hiking? langes execution of the walk/hike mode is simple and works well, however if your only experience has been fixed cuff boots, you will feel some difference of precision. once again the question is are you ok with a boot that blends downhill performance with uphill capability. or are you not willing to compromise your downhill thrill for uphill convenience.



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no skins and only booted when we strayed ...see your point, thanks

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so, if you walked into the shop and were standing in front of me giving me that last answer, i would be bringing out the RX in your size.



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