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Learning about canting adjustment and custom brand options

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I am a ski instructor looking to improve, and I have been doing some pre season reading, I have just read "The Athletic Skier" and about to start the "All Mountain Skier" 


"The Athletic Skier" talks about quite a lot of things I have never really paid much attention to like canting! In the book they alt about some technologies like canted boot plates that some brands have (salomon) but I can't find any information about this, I have a pair of salomon boots but I dont have any of these bits. Do they exist? do others do this now (its quite an old book)?


I already have orthotics thats I wear in my shoes that were made when trying to diagnose a knee problem (which turned out to be unrelated).


I have found this company http://cantology.com/index.htm which looks good, I am moving to Vancouver in a month and plan to buy new boots, I see that surefoot in whistler does custom fitting. Could anybody recommend some some shops, bootfitters and orthotists/podiatrists in the vancouver area? 


Any other books i should read?




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Welcome to epicski.  You missed your target a little posting in this forum.  Epic has several sub forums most all relating to skiing.  One forum, "Ask The Boot Guys" not only is dedicated to questions on boots and alignment, but has a list of all the top notch boot fitters around to include Canada.  That will have much of the info your looking for in that forum.  There are several links to things you should read.


The forum you posted in, primarily deals with the tuning and maintenance of skis and boards.  Unless of course you're trying to figure out the right wax for your boots biggrin.gif


As to books you should read... do a search on it.  There's a thread on which books are best and other threads on different books.  Ron LeMaster's always get great reviews.  There's also the Complete Encyclopedia on Skiing.  I would look for that answer either in the General Skiing Discussion forum or Ski Training and Pro Forum.



Have fun,


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Sorry about that, i obviously didn't look hard enough, will try again 



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There's a lot to absorb here.  Here's another thread you might be interested in.  SIJ is well respected here and any opportunity to understand more about are most important tool should be captured.  It sounds like it might just what you are looking for.




When using the search function, pay attention to the date on the posts that come back.  It could be ten years old info - might not be worth the time to wade through several pages.  I've also found that slightly rewording the query could get me completely different results.

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Hi Set,


Welcome to Epic. 


In Vancouver the best place to try is SnowCovers.  This store isnt what it used to be in terms of quality staff for boot fitting etc, but they still are able to bring in actual orthotists/podiatrists if your feet require.  Since you mentioned you use orthotics in regular shoes, this might be you.


Surefoot is more hit and miss (they are in Whistler), but they do have a good guarantee and will give you a 100% refund if you are not 100% satisfied so they are "no-risk".


The online boot fitting course mentioned in post 4 would be perfect for you.




Other good books for ski instructors in general:


Skiers Edge - Ron Lemaster (I think this is a better book then his new one.)  Skiers Edge provides much of the background to the CSIA methodologies.



Will you be teaching?  Where?

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Yes I have a job at Mt Seymour for the coming season, I did the 2010 season there but because of a knee problem I didn't want to commit to a full season last year, I ended up doing a few weeks in Italy with InterSki. I was diagnosed and treated for a synovial plica (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plica_syndrome) which was initially mis diagnosed as plattello-femoral syndrome.

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