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Went to the 3 popular ski sales that are going on in Denver:  Christy Sports Powder Daze, Sports Authority Sniagrab, Colorado Ski and Golf Ski-Rex.  I got to go early to all three as a VIP.  Although they send out VIP admission to everyone.  I wasn't looking at boots, so I can't comment on boots.  I also wasn't looking at Women's equipment.


Some observations  (add your own as you see fit):


  • Sniagrab:  Only stayed for about 10 mins.  Not that much stuff.  I miss the old days.  A lot of beginner/intermediate K2/Volkl/Atomic skis.   They had a decent amount of stuff covered in black plastic.  The clerk told me those were doorbusters For Fri/Sat.     Jackets were a lot of middle to low end Northface.  Many of the jackets didn't look like last years models.  It just looked like they discounted some stuff.  Usually I can recognize old stock.  They didn't have any bindings to sell separately, but the clerk told me they could be sold starting Fri.  Overall I'd give it a C-, although maybe a B if you are a beginner.
  • Powder Daze:   Powder Daze had a decent selection of merchandise.   Good prices on higher end jackets.   Good prices on skis and bindings.   They didn't have a huge inventory.   A lot of skis that I would be interested in, weren't available in my size.   They did have a range of quality and type of skis, Jackets and bindings. I'd give this a B
  • Ski-Rex:   Prices weren't as good as Powder Daze on many things, close though.   Although a few thing were cheaper.   They had a much better selection of items than the other stores.   Also, more quantity at different lengths/sizes.    They had more skis to chose from and more quanitity of each ski.  Jackets select was pretty good too.   I think Christy had nicer jackets though.  This one is probably a B+ for selection and decent pricing.



anyway.. probably the same as most years, but Sniagrab just keeps getting worse.  I don't know why I bother to go.


I ended up getting a jacket and some bindings from Powder Daze.  I might have gotten them at Ski-Rex, except that I went to Powder Daze first.  Pricing was pretty similar for these items at both places, although Ski-Rex had more selection.