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Broken patella over 2 weeks ago canceled surgery

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I broke my knee cap about 2 or more weeks ago. I went to ER 24 hours later because it hurt so bad. They referred me to a Osteopathic surgeon. I had to get a lot of done to have it. I had a brain aneurysm clipped two years ago. The Doctor was very nervous about this. He made me get letter both from GP and Neurosurgeon that I could be put under, Chest X-ray, EKG, Blood work before he would do it. I went to him the day after I was in ER. It had separated yet he really seemed uncomfortable doing surgery. A week later I went back for another x-ray and it separated even more (gotten much worse). This Doctor I had a gut feeling that I did not want him to do surgery on me. Now it has been almost two weeks I have done nothing, it is getting worse. I have read a of horror stories on this surgery. Are there any alternatives? Also how to I choose a Doctor. I have looked at my insurance and trying to find the best Doctor in this area. I live alone, I have to walk, I have no chose in the matter. Also this Dr wanted me to be inpatient, my insurance only covered outpatient. I am very confused. I am an active person and am not one to sit around. Please this is hurting badly I need some advise . I do not trust most Doctors. I had Two Doctors tell me my headaches were stress until I finally found the 3rd that listened and he found a 5mm aneurysm in my brain. I am tired of Dr telling me how I should feel. THe first two never did one test. THe 3rd did an MRI, then and MRA Yes it was all in my head a 5mm aneurysm. For 5 year I had to put up with Doctors thinking I was seeking Pain medication, that my headaches were "stress"  I told my family 10 years ago something is wrong in my head. I thought I had a tumor. To anyone that thinks something is wrong go with your gut. This Doctor saved my life for if it would have ruptured I would be dead, and hopefully not been in the car driving and hurt someone else. I had brain surgery yet am more nervous about this surgery. I am in Scottsdale, AZ. How to you find a Doctor on internet, that is really a top Doctor? Thank you for any imput you can give.

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Hi Pamerjammer, I wish you were here for a funner reason. 

You may notice that we have a great, supportive community for injury recovery, even for non skiers. 

Heal well!

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Clearly you need to get this fixed.  The reason that they want you "in patient" as opposed to "out patient" (which is what I was) is probably due to the brain aneurysm.  Normally, the need for the additional care would be something the surgeon addressed with your insurance company.  At least that is how it has always worked for me.  As to finding a good surgeon for your KNEE, I think what is needed is a good team behind him for your HEAD, because that seems to me to be where the concern is.  So, I'd look at what hospital in your area has the best rep for emergencies, because that is where the bigger problem is.  


Without regard to the brain issue, the knee cap repair complexity could be from one extreme to another.  Mine was just broken in half, so I was lucky.  However, the recuperation has been FAR FAR FAR longer than I could have envisioned.  Had the operation to nail it back together, then a year later another to remove the metal.  I still have times when it doesn't "track" quite right and at the beginning of ski season, I am inevitably limping to the car.  However, as the season progresses things get better in that regard.  I also find walking UP hill to cause the tracking to be an issue on occasion.  And this is YEARS after all the surgery.  I think if you are a fitness fiend, the recovery is quicker, but I am not.  


If your break is more on the "shattered" scale, I would guess that the recovery would be longer yet.  But, clearly you need to get this taken care of.

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Patellar fractures are tricky operations, or so I've heard from my dad who's an orthopecic surgeon.  You should consider going to a University clinic or a large practice with sub-sub specialists who limit their practice to one or two joints.  Your insurance company or your PCP should be able to steer you in the right direction.  Or search the internet for large academic orthopedic practices in the nearest large city.  Good luck!

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