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My College Level Class: Ski Boots: How to Reduce Pain, Increase Comfort and Improve Skiing

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Jackson Hole is an awesome town- we all know that.  The amount of talent sitting on the shelf in this town would knock your socks off!  From avalanche safety classes, wine and cheese pairings, beer brewing to trading stocks- the satellite campus of Central Wyoming College offers some really fun community education classes.  It is resource we are fortunate to have in Jackson.


For the second year, I'm offering my 2 hour ski boot class to the public.  I'm a college professor!  Most of these classes are taught at the college level and mine is no different.  I've got some great little pearls- any of which will help attendees out.  Response has been good and I think it will go well.  Hey I barely made it out of college!  Now I get to play a professor!!!  Yikes!


I'd like to give the class to Epic Ski as a pre-season gesture to improve our early powder, but we'll see how that goes...  Would anybody be interested???



I'm really plugging my medical conference in Jackson Hole this coming December: Jackson Hole Boot Camp 2012, a 16.25 hr. CEU class for ski shop employees and medical professionals wanting to learn about ski boots and ski boot fitting.  My authentic and fresh little micro business is growing and is exciting.

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"I'd like to give the class to Epic Ski......................"


Thanks for that offer SiJ


So, how would that work?  Some sort of online class format? Registration fee?  Fly to JH?


I'm potentially interested but more details. would be nice

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Originally Posted by jdleuck View Post

"I'd like to give the class to Epic Ski......................"


So, how would that work? 



Maybe a Skype video conference with a modest donation to EpicSki???  It's just a two hour class.  It's got some great stuff in it... 

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Definitely interested and interested on the logistics of how you you are going to present it; webinar or the like?


Nice of you to offer this.

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It would be an honor to share with w/ Epicski.  We have some time to figure out the mechanics.

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Great idea.  I think everyone would benefit from this.  A good boot fitter helps, but if you also understand what is happening you can provide him or her with much better information and feedback.  This makes the boot fitters job a lot easier, and you will get a much better result.

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record it, then you can decide later how you wish to distribute it

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I'd be interested if it is an online class.  Last season was the first season where I really spent some money and time to get boots fitted properly and it helped my skiing tremendously.  I'd love to know some of the ins-and-outs with boot fitting so I am better able to interact with the boot fitter the next time I have work done.

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Mark me as interested. Donation/Skype sounds fine to me!

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I'd be very interested!!!! 

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Absolutely, I'm interested!

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I'm interested.


You don't grow too old to ski, you grow old because you stop skiing.

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Great idea - definitely interested.
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I've already answered.  I also ordered your book and received today (very quick).  Very much looking forward to this.  It amazes me how we tend to focus on the ski and the technique even though WE KNOW and preach that the boot is the most important piece in the chain.  Not much different than buying a car and spending more time picking out the color than the tires or engine.

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Count me in stephen . Depending on which platform you use to broadcast you should able to record it directly.
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I'd sign up, if the time slot were feasible. 

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I believe the google hangout is the best option available at least free option for broadcasting, recording...

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You could record it to a few video files and upload them to youtube.  You don't have to make it searchable there.  You could opt to keep them private/not searchable.  That way only the people that actually have the links could view the files.  Ordinary folks searching for bootfitting stuff won't find them.  However, if you post the liks here folks WILL find the threads that contain them.  Maybe the supporter area would be a preferred place to post them?th_dunno-1[1].gif  That way google searches wouldn't find them for non members so it would still be somewhat private.

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Definitely interested.
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If I am not teaching class at the time, I am definitely interested and tuning in.  I would have a hard time watching it during class and explaining how ski boots tie in to my musical theater curriculum!  Stomp maybe?!

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I would also be interested if the time slot worked.


Good idea!

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Also interested...

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Awesome!  Really psyched about this...  I'm thinking a $25.00 donation Epic?

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