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Best in the Northeast for Skiing + Ice Fishing

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Thinking of staying east this year to save some $$$.

To make up for not getting any Utah powder thought some ice fishing in the evenings could fill the void.

Any suggestions for a good spot for both good skiing and fishing with importance being 70% skiing quality and 30% fishing quality?

Itd be good to get a waterfront cabin and drive to the mountain. Also since we're trying to save $ budget is important.

Eastern resorts we like best are whiteface and le massif for the extended vertical. Jay peak and tremblant really weren't especially good for us.

My initial thought was maine would be a great choice, staying on a lake within shooting distance of sugarloaf and sadddleback. Doing a little research, it looks like a lot of the maine lakes are restricted to ice fishing. Is that so- is there still good fishing out there?

If there was a spot on lake champlain where whiteface and the northern vt resorts were driving distance that may work too.

Any thoughts?
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It sounds like Whiteface would be a great bet. That place is still my favorite of all the East Coast mountains. 


I'd stay in Saranac Lake, there's plenty of top notch fishing around there, and Lake Placid is such a fun little town. 

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How about Burke + Lake Willoughby?

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There is a lake just outside Brattleboro, VT that always has a bunch of ice-fishing cabins on it.  I'd assume there's some decent fishing in that lake.  Brattleboro is within an hour or so of various southern Vermont ski areas (Magic, Stratton, Mt. Snow, Bromley, Okemo).

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Copy of DSCN2771.JPG


Don't know regs on ice fishing, but above photo shows proximity of the numerous lakes near Saddleback ski area.  Cheap hostel and motel type lodging with kitchen at The Maine Roadhouse between Saddleback and Sugarloaf and about 30 min drive to each.  Skiing is topnotch at both places.  Unfortunately, believe no ice fishing allowed in the lake shown above, but elsewhere within an hour:  http://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?topic=141595.0


I've also stayed on huge Lake Winnipesaukee around Weirs Beach.  Pretty sure they allow ice fishing on it.  Nearby is Gunstock ski area and about an hour from others like Waterville, Wildcat, Loon, Cannon, Ragged.

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Lake Elmore in Morrisville always has shacks on it. Good location for Stowe and or Smuggs.

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Lake Dunmore also looks like it might have potential for Sugarbush and Killington.  Any thoughts on that lake?

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Originally Posted by epic View Post

How about Burke + Lake Willoughby?

+1. Some of the largest Lake Trout ever caught ice fishing have come out of Lake Willoughby. It is situated between Burke and Jay (Closer to Burke). Not sure what turned you off to Jay but Burke is less crowded and offers 2000 of vert. Crystal Lake and Seymore Lake are also nearby.



Note: Lake Willoughby is between the two mountains in the picture. You may have to wait until mid-late January to fish on it since it is a very deep lake and freezes slowly.

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Given priorities being 70% ski quality vs 30% for ice fishing, I think that would rule out some of the smaller places.  


For us to be happy skiwise, we'd need a really good selection of runs of 2000'+ vert runs.  As I said, Le Massif and Whiteface have been our two favourites out east for this reason.  Sugarloaf looks like it would meet this criteria, but the ice fishing options seem limited out that way due to state reg's.  If someone knew of a good ice fishing lake that was actually open during the winter, it could put it to the top of the heap.


So who among the big mountains has the best ice fishing?

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There's plenty near Stowe. Champlain, Waterbury Res, Elmore, Caspian Lake is supposed to be legendary.

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