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Kayacking Anyone

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Ok, yeah my spelling is nor great. ANyway- does any one white water kayak around here? It looks like a sweet sport, and in some ways like skiing. Gravity does the work [img]smile.gif[/img] ANyway, how would I go about getting started in the sport? Thx
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on this forum, I know that Bob Barnes and Pierre Eh! are ww boaters. I used to be, but quit to focus on mtb riding. It's a blast, but it's got some scary components too.

Drop by www.boatertalk.com for some helpful e-forums.
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Sacobound (No.Conway & at the state line)has a good program, but there must be
something in Maine...near either the Kennebec or
W.Br.Penobscot...or SoMe water.. Your first couple formal *lessons* really should be on flatwater anyways!
Getting stable/comfortable...and developing dependable rolls...then go for current..and make
it a point of rolling & performing wet_exits as much as possible...just gain balance and confidence..especially when underwater.
Plenty of books out there, but Eric Jackson has
a basic WW strokes book...forgot the title...
"Whitewater Strokes"..?? good reading..there's
stuff on the Web also... There's a Mitch Hutchinson<-- last name??? that used to have
some rolling audio/video on the Web..
sound wasn't that great, but it was neat as the
camcorder was sittin' right on the bow for the
whole trip...through a roll.

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yeah...in keeping with gonzo's link....hit the
Northeast Paddlers Message Board (www.npmb.com).
It's OUR area....you can get some live contacts
and paddling partners.
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sweet- thx for the info- to bad its so expensive to learn and eventually get equipment- sort of like skiing in tha regard [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'd talk to the folks at Nurembega outfitters in Portland or Maine Sport in Camden. There are a few rolling classes you can take from either of those outfits. Initially lessons are going to be on flat water but anyone who knows what their doing can get you to roll a kayack in a few hours and onto moving water quickly. If your really serious call Northern Outdoors in Jackman they will help you out as well. There are a ton of great play spots in Maine where you can learn. My favorite is Sheepscot Falls just north of Wiscasset. It's a reversing falls that is tidal. So for the first couple of hours after high tide the wave is really smooth and round eventually turning downright nasty. It's has gotten really popular and a great place to meet boaters and learn. My suggestion is to get a buddy someone who knows what he or she is doing and you can trust to save your butt while you learn. I had two said people and trust me they saved my butt a few times but they pushed me to learn and take some lines I probably would never have attempted. Not to bring you down or discourage you but it is a dangerous sport. There are a ton of really cool paddling movies out there right now that get you pumped to go launch huge falls and the like but it seems like they are all dedicated to at least one paddler that died while filming. You can get a good boat for about 600 or less and from there don't skimp on the PFD or Helmet. Good luck. If you want anymore suggestions where to actually go to boat send me a PM or talk to Nurembega
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