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Foot Mobilisation

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Hi Folks,


Any Boot fitters out there have any recommendations for Foot Mobilisation specialists in the US, similar to these guys in AUS http://footandleg.com.au ....?


The trend here with podiatrists tends to be more surgical and orthotic based rather than mobilisation. My feet are already difficult for boot fitting and will only get worse so I'm looking to get some help finding the route cause and put them on a path to many more years of fun skiing... 

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i think you just need to find the right podiatrist, many of them do mobilisation, maybe they just don't publicise it well, i have seen demonstrations of various techniques at conferences over there so i know it is done.... the other route of course is a "good" chiropractor/ osteopath, again you need the right one, so i guess it is where you live and how far you want to travel


as for who and where, afraid it is a long way from me to you so not got any names i can shoot you, maybe one of the locals will know of someone


good luck getting sorted

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