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Race Atomic SL 12 165

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Hi all,


I have acquired a pair of Atomic Race skis off someone from uni, I do not know the history of them but i cant seem to find any information on the web about them.

The info I can get from the skis themselves is that they are a 165 height ? and they say Race Atomic SL 12. also says aerospeed 2.??

Help anyone ? how much are they worth ? how much could I get for them? I would like to sell them so I could invest in a 'starter' pair lets say. 


I have photos on my phone if i can work out how to upload them if anyone wants ?


Greatly Appreciated ! 



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Upload the pics.


My guess is '07/'08 model, but  th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Depending on your location, contact the local shops and ask about ski swaps and consignment sales.  Most shops do something along that line between August and October.  Perhaps you could sell those and pick up something more ski level appropriate.  Most here would recommend starting with good fitting boots then demo some different ski models.

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