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Sudden onset trigger finger/Raynaud's

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About a year ago I was doing a lot of climbing scaffolding with heavy things in my hands.  After that I quickly developed trigger finger/Raynaud's in both hands.  My left had is not to bad and has recovered some but my right hand has made little progress.    Should have taken a more agressive approach when I first had the problem.  Agressive as in rest it more.   Have to wear electric gloves below 40 degrees F.


My question is has anyone here had any luck with Dry Needle Therapy, Trigger point Therapy or something like Reikie?

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Don't know anything about treatments yet, Pierre, but be aware of the link of Raynaud's and pulmonary hypertension:
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Kneale I can rule that out.   This is most likely nerve and soft tissue damage.

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You know that pulmonary hypertension can occur with "normal" blood pressures, right?
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Kneale I have had a recent carotid artery scan that was clear.  A recent EKG that was clear and all blood work is clear.  I also do very strenuous activity for more than an hour at a time without anything getting worse.


I do take medication that might contribute to the condition but the meds are not linked to Raynauds.  This happened after really overworking my hands.

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A trigger finger is easily cured with a jab of long acting steroid in the tendon sheath.If that fails,its a simple procedure to cut the sheath.

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