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New lifts at Squaw?

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Rumor Alert! In the parking lot tonight I saw parts of a lift with "Big Blue Express"  written on it. A construction placard showed Links being moved, High Camp moved (Big Blue?) and East Broadway removed. But I really want the Squaw Alpine interconnect chair!



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Any idea where the name Big Blue came from?  It appears to go from where the High Camp bottom station was to somewhere near the Shirley Lake top station, unless I'm remembering wrong.


Links swings right so its new top station is near Solitude/Silverado.


Not sure if this is all correct, or even all of it.  The guy I talked to promised that things in that area would be much improved.  Now, getting back and forth between High Camp and Gold Coast should be much easier.


Now I just need to wait for some snow and see if any of this actually changes my on-mountain experience.  It's just not a part of the mountain I usually visit.  I guess Silverado access could be better.


Not sure why they nuked East Broadway.  Always saw long lines for it.  Perhaps Big Blue covers that.


With Links moved, I wonder if Bailey's Beach will get the axe.

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I saw it going up Rt80 last week, I was going to snap a picture but felt it unsafe. 

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Is it really a rumor when they did a big press release about it earlier this year?

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