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Would all of the great terrain be open late Jan.?



Like planning a ski trip anywhere in the world, none have a fool proof crystal ball. You could say that in a normal winter in the northern hemisphere by the end of January, one could expect good, but probably not maximum coverage. Some years will be better, others worse. Anyone who can tell you more than that isn't being honest. If I were to pick one place that I'd put the largest bet on for that time of winter, my money would be on Niseko, but that's the wrong continent. 'The Alps' is also a big place. One region's feast might be another's famine... kind of like here in north america.

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Hi, i have been 8 times to THE 3 Vallee area. Been in Val Thorens, Les Menuires and St Martin. Sure the area is very big and a lot of people will be there. But the lifts are fast and the area is so big that you will find your favourite slope. I prefer January with normaly lots of snow and lesser crowds. Next season I spend 2 weeks in the nice village of St. Martin de Belleville. This is a nice old village with good liftacces to the 3 Vallees area. Grtzz from Holland

P.s. This morning it was snowing in the Alps above 2000m biggrin.gif
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Here's a picture of my daughter on the learner's hill at Patscherkofel.  That's the village of Igls at the bottom of the slope, and Innsbruck is in the valley between Igls and the mountain range in the background.  Too me, this is what the Alps is all about: lovely little villages nestled up against ski resorts large and small, nice folks, good food, things to do other than skiing.  Innsbruck nicely fits the bill if you want to have fun skiing and also want your mom to enjoy herself.  It's not the most extreme skiing in the Alps, but definitely lots of fun and lots of choices for both you and your mom.


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Was there in 1972, high school trip, there was an incline train near our hotel, with a cable car and a chair lift near the top. The skiing was steep and big moguls. it was a low snow year so we went to Italy by bus for the rest of the trip. The city was very clean, with great pastries, clubs( Cliema Club?) and of course beer. I was 17 and did not pay attention to area names or much else except beer.

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the incline train is still there -base of same is  accessible from local transport (alpine zoo is the transit stop) from top of same take the cable gondola to the top of Haflekar climb over the railings and pick your route. Plenty steep but not very long. The beer is still good although I prefer the Austrian 150% proof rum with tea at lunch..

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Just reaffirming the Davos option.  Here, like many areas that cater to a wealthy clients, off-piste powder is available days and days after a storm. St. Anton is amazing, but there are so many good skiers that you will have to compete for untracked powder.   As a previous post mentioned that guides are key. Since Davos does not have glaciers, you will have to pay attention to avalanche hazards.  At least, you will not need other gear for glacier skiing. Skiing between Davos an Klosters is fun and not as serious as off-piste skiing in glaciated areas.  A 15 minute walk up the north facing Jacobhorn has fun, intermediate powder skiing from the top of the gondola.  I bet you can find affordable accommodations. The buses and postal buses are really efficient and wonderful.  Have fun, cmr

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I have been there 2 years ago. Stay at Neustift, an amazing little village, half way Innsbruck-Stubai. By bus, you're able to go to Inns or to the pistes in about 20min.


Stubai is great, several pistes and levels. Grub'n-in is a fantastic 10Km down from the midlle of the mountain to the base. If you go direct to the summit and run all the way down you'll experience 14 Km of fantastic run, with groomed, ungroomed, ease and not so ease terrain . This was our (Mine and my son) must last run each day. And, yes, they'll PROBABLY has decent snow at end of Jan.


Neustift itself has no that much to do, but it's picturesque.


But I think no matter the place you're going to chose. All places, Innsbruck and surround are great!!


Good luck!!

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