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Strained Achilles Tendon

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I was hiking in the mountains around July 27th and was involved in a minor rock slide and strained my achilles tendon.  By the end of the hike I could barely walk on it.  I took it easy for a few days and it seemed to be fine. However, this past week it's been bothering me again.  It's very stiff when I wake up in the morning and will loosen up throughout the day.  I talked to a few people who are nurses and some told me to stay off of it and some told me to continue walking on it and even do some running.  I was wondering if anyone on here has had experience with this and could give me some advice.  I am a runner and would like to continue to do so but I don't want to make it any worse, especially when the season is right around the corner.

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Did you tear some of the calf muscle? Any discoloration in the lower leg? If not, you probably should be stretching the Achilles slowly and for long periods--minutes instead of seconds--to begin your day.
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No discoloration in the lower leg but around the tendon on the back of my heel there's bruising.

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"Bruising" means swelling without discoloration or does it mean unswollen tenderness?
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There is discoloration around the tendon on my heel and it's swollen.  There isn't any discoloration on my leg, swelling or bruising on my leg.

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The discoloration could be blood pooling from a torn muscle if it's a dark red or blue. That should heal with minimal use and plenty of icing and elevation.
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I made the mistake of only resting a day or two when it first happened and since it felt fine started running right away.  I've been trying to stay off of it as much as possible since this past tuesday. :(  Any idea on how long I should stay off of it?  I don't want to re-injure it...again.

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If it's a torn muscle, you probably need to avoid use for six weeks. When I tore my calf, the doctor recommended minimal use for that kind of period. What I did was become Igor: I turned the foot sideways when walking so I wasn't stretching the calf.
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Elevation may also help - all the blood tends to pool.


Get that foot up :)

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I did the same thing...micro tears...have two ortho friends...both said same thing: get a brace from a surgical supply, black ones with velcro straps to just below your knee, no hinge.


wear it 24/7 and put a lift in opposite shoe or your hips will begin to hurt.  wear clogs or anything that elevates the heel much higher than forefoot when you dont have the brace on, or on opposite leg...this takes tension off tendon by shortening it.


epson salt soaks at night...I was pain free ( with advil too, 3/3x day) in a few days.  dont run or strech it fot 4 weeks, then start slowly.


This is the recipe for success  good luck

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Thanks everyone for the advice.  I took everything into consideration and I'd like to think it's finally back to normal. :)

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