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Returning to skiing...need help!!

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I am looking at getting back into skiing after many years away. Briefly, I am in my late 30s. I grew up skiing from age 4 until age 16. I actually used to ski race and also do amateur mogul competitions as a teenager.


At 16 I began snowboarding...before they were allowed at ski resorts. I snowboarded from that time...1988 up until this past year. Most of my years were spent in the Pacific NW of the USA and in southern BC.


My last pair of sticks were the bright yellow Atomic GS racing skis (203 cm)..maybe you remember? I think I had the Tyrolia 747 bindings and possibly the old Lange "Pink Panther" boots. These things were often accompanied by some choice of neon clothing. Real gross...I know.


Anyhow...at the urging of my family, I am going to make the change back to the skis.

Since 1988, the evolution of ski equipment has been staggering. Obviously, the fat powder ski took a cue from the snowboard which was a revolution in itself.


So...I need to buy a pair of skis this year. But I feel like I am stepping out of a time capsule and I have no clue what to get or even worse...I have zero clue as to what the sales guy is talking about.


I enjoy skiing (or when I did) all areas of the mountain...heck..what I used to simply refer to as "backcountry" is now "freeskiing"...is this correct (dumb term...but anyhow)? I like powder, moguls, black diamonds..green circles and pink polka dots...seriously though...I wish to have a ski that I can use with my kids on the bunny hill, but still sneak away and hit the steep and deep with a few bumps thrown into the mix.


I am 6 ft and appx. 185 pounds...on a good day.

What length of ski should I get. What type? Any and all info would be highly appreciated!!


Thank you!!

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Welcome back from the dark side.  As you are likely to hear more than once . . . boots first.  Meaning good boots from a boot fitter.  Then see if you can find a Demo Day near you in the early season.  Unless you can find a good deal on used or skis from a previous season, renting skis the first few times out makes a lot more sense than plunking down several hundred dollars on new skis.


For what it's worth, when I got back into skiing because my daughter was old enough to be in ski school, I bought a pair of really cheap former rental skis for going around with her.  Got them shorter than what makes sense for me for general skiing.  Much easier for going around on the bunny hill with a preschooler, especially if you are good enough to ski backwards.  I was only an intermediate skier on straight skis.  So I didn't bother buying a good pair of shaped skis until I had learned enough to venture back out west to ski powder and other fun stuff.  Even now, I plan on renting powder skis if I'm lucky enough to be out west during a dump beyond 6 inches or so.


I've always had my own boots, even when only skiing every couple years.  Very happy now to have boots fitted by an experience boot fitter, with custom insoles, and custom liners.  Added the liners last season.  Plan to use the custom insoles for the next pair of boots too.


Have fun shopping!

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