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Used Vintage skis

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195 cm Olin Mark VI Comp GS Skis
185 cm Olin 920 Skis
195 cm K2 Freestyle Skis
195 cm Elan Kevlar PL RC Skis
188 cm Salomon Equipe S9000 Skis
188 cm Elan DRC 5.5i Skis
180 cm Dynamic VR27 Equipe Skis
205 cm Precision Competition 5.3 Skis
210 cm Kongsberg Ski Skis
180 cm Olin Mark V Racing Series Skis
183 cm PRE 1200 Skis
195 cm Coyote RD Skis
190 cm Calgary Skis

195 cm Tyrolia Mega SL Skis
190 cm VASA Touring 1510 Skis
200 cm K2 5500 Unlimited Skis

190 cm Dynastar VHP 694 Skis
130 cm Rossignol Series 660 Skis
180 cm Kastle SportLite Special R Skis
180 cm Kneissl Freestar Skis
190 cm Volkl P9 SL Skis
185 cm K2 5500 Unlimited Skis

308 mm Solomite 370 Ski Boots

289 mm Raichle RE3
7 Fels CX
309 mm Raichle ELite

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(It's Dolomite, by the way.   That's not an S but a stylized delta)


you must be in Canada ... Calgary skis and a Fels boot?

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