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Skiers Edge

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I have done several extensive searches here and else where re the Skiers Edge exercise machine. Have found few post on this site and on a couple other forums, but nothing to in epode path or recent.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts, both own or owned one in the past, is it worth the price, etc.

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I am a bit biased as I am an athlete for the company: however, I am also a PT & a strength/conditioning coach. Well before I got picked up by them, I had a machine in use. That same machine is still in use some 8-9 years latter.

If you are going to a piece of equipment & be honest w yourself, this is the best lateral stability trainer out there. As for the cost, why spend $2000 on this years skis if you are out of shape for their use.
Over the course of ownership, it works out to 1-2 lift tickets per season. Plus the resale value is quite high.

Not just for skiing, any sport where trunk / limb stability is a premium, this is the tool.
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biases aside and the lateral stability workout and improvements, do you believe or have experience either from yourself or others commenting on the machine that it helped w/ their skiing. obviously it is not a substitute, but just generally speaking what benefits will it provide in the skiing abilities of someone that uses the machine on a regular basis?



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I have commented on the Skiers Edge machine a number of times on this forum, the latest in this thread:



Last winter I had an 8 week lay-off with a torn rotator cuff & a fractured humeral head.  During that time, I spent a lot of time on the Skiers Edge machine.  When done correctly this machine covers most of the things that have been mentioned in this thread.  Stance, balance, explosive power, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning etc.  As with everything, it is a plus to have a coach or trainer to help you along.


Lucky for me, I have my friend Victor who is a sponsored member of the Skiers Edge Masters team & a former Masters Slalom World Champion.  Here is a short clip from last winter:



If you are confined or restricted in anyway, simulators like this can be a benefit.  Of course, I will say the same thing that I tell all the kids when it comes to off season dryland...




Personally, I think that the Skiers Edge machine can help refine or resolve a lot of issues & ingrain good movements even at a high level.



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