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Snow Shovel

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I *could* have searched more thoroughly, but I need my beauty sleep so I'll just ask, especially as I didn't actually find anything that corresponded well with my question... 

Could people throw some good snow shovel makes in my direction? I've no idea what to get, where to buy it (I am in the UK, so lemme worry about that bit...) nor what to look for in a shovel, especially as it's probably long over due I got one.

Obviously brand names would be easiest, as well as what to avoid.



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No blades made of plastic/lexan. Buy the shovel that you'd like to have someone dig you out with. Voile, Black Diamond, etc... bigger, stronger moves more snow more quickly.

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Voile Telepro

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I would recommend giving this article a read:


They put various shovels to the test and found that most performed rather poorly.


The Voile shovels and the G3 AviTECH D-Grip did best.


If you get the Voile Telepro, be sure to get the T6 tempered aluminium version (orange colour) as it is stronger.  The yellow version is a bit cheaper but is also weaker.


Another thing to consider is that the Voile Telepro can be difficult to pack because of its length.  The handle can be broken down into 3 pieces to make it shorter but then you will have an extra pole to pack and it will be harder to assemble in an emergency.


I own the G3 AviTECH D-Grip and the Voile XLM.  Both are made with T6 tempered aluminium so they are strong.  The G3 AviTECH is larger and easier to dig with but is more expensive.  The Voile XLM is super light but a little more awkward to use as it is shorter and has a T-bar handle.


The AviTECH D-grip handle is smaller and less comfortable than the Voile Telepro.


Another option is the Voile Mini Telepro which has the same handle and T6 aluminium but is shorter with a smaller shovel blade.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks guys, that article was pretty much what I was looking for, even managed to find some shops in Germany that actually stock Voile shovels.


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