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Phasing out IE 7

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I wanted to give you a heads up that Huddler is going to begin phasing out support for the IE7 browser in the near future.  If you're currently using this outdated browser please consider moving to an alternative soon.  Here is the story from Huddler:
What it means to end support
Don't worry, this doesn't mean that the sites will suddenly break for everyone using IE7. The forums are currently pretty IE7-friendly and that won't change overnight. But as new features are developed, Huddler will no longer be testing them for IE7 as part of every release. We will make a good faith effort to keep the major stuff working, like logging in and posting, but in general our compatibility will go down over time as we treat IE7 issues with less priority. For perspective, we already treat IE6 and Opera this way today: occasionally we fix serious bugs when people point them out, but we don't guarantee full compatibility.
Why are we doing this?
IE7 is an outdated and temperamental browser (it's 6 years old already!) with relatively poor support for web standards. That means our engineers have to put special workarounds and hacks in place to keep our sites compliant with IE7. This makes development slower, more complex, and prone to errors. It also reduces the amount we can get done overall. For example, on an average project, IE7-specific accommodations might consume 15% of our effort. With less than 5% of users still on IE7 overall (usually less) it's a poor ROI - increasingly so as IE7 usage continues dropping around the world. 
Many other sites are also dropping support for IE7.  This is the current display on YouTube:


How we'll make this easier for users
Starting with the next release, we're going to begin showing an alert message to site visitors who come to us on IE7 and IE6 (I mean, IE6...whoa). They'll be advised that the site may not function well with their browser, and we'll point them at some recommended options for updating. I think this is a big improvement over the past where we've left it up to the site owner to encourage users to upgrade. We can reach the people more efficiently this way, and hopefully we can spare them some not-very-fun conversations with users.  FWIW, WinXP can be updated to IE8, so the only real reason some users might have with updating would be on work machines that disallow any upgrading.  In those cases, sites will work, but over time the performance is likely to degrade.  (this can be circumvented by running Chrome as a portable app, which is pretty cool.)
We'll try to make sure this alert is clear and helpful but not too disruptive to the user experience. We're working on the messaging and UI now. It will be communicated later on.
More information
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This makes sense to me.  I'm continually amazed how much faster my computer works when I update my browser.  

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Seems sensible.  I know my company has done something similar.

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There are operating systems that cannot use IE8 but that may be necessary to folks who use, say, XP for running other programs important to them. Hopefully, using Chrome or Firefox will help.
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