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Inline Skate Advice

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Any Bears out there with advice as to inline skates? Particularly which make has the best boot fit? Salomon/K2/Roches/Rollerblades?

I have been asked to do a long term project (3-4 months) in the DC area and will not be able to bring my bike. Inline skates would allow me to keep the lb's off and my knees and ankles in shape - can not stand the pounding caused by running/jogging anymore.
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In my search I found that Salomon and K2 had the best boot fit for me. I went with the Salomon they felt better. Your feet may be different.

I also went with a cross trainer/fitness trainer skate. These have a longer rail and in some cases 5 wheels like a speed skate. If you want a nimble skate for getting in and out of traffic, and around town, I would recommend getting a shorter skate.

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I took up rollerblading last summer, and love it. My wife tried, had plenty of fun, and looked like an overturned turtle much of the time.

Her black and blue thighs were so bad, the Doc told her to wait awhile before having so much fun again.

I tried to "teach" her (won't get into the conversation of teaching your own), but now am looking for someone else to have that pleasure.

Are there schools/certifified trainers that teach rollerblading? How do I find them? Lower Hudson Valley, NY area?

I thank you, and so does my wife!!!!!
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Call your local skate shop. There are 3 here in SF and all of them teach lessons. Free first lesson when you purchase your inlines.
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Ain't internet great?

NYC Lessons

Check these guys out, they can probably refer you to a shop close to you. or maybe even a skate pro!

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Thanks for the link, but the wrong area. I'll have to do some looking.

Reminds me of a true story.... A college friend of mine went from Wilmington, (VT) to San Francisco. Whenever she would say where she was from, she had to say "Vermont". Some people would continue and say, "Where?". So...at some point in time, when she would be asked, she wouldn't say Wilmington, or Vermont, she would say "near New York".

Well, it happened. When day when asked where she was from, she said "near New York", and the person then said..."I have a neice in New York, so and so, do you know them?"

Well, duchan, I am from New York, but an hour north of the NY City. To them, we are living in the woods. And no, I don't know your neice either. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I suspected as much when I looked at your profile. Thats why I updated the post. You should call them. They can probably refer you to someone close to you.

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Thanks duchan, you take my humor well.

I'll have a chance next week to really look. The site you gave doesn't have anyone close to me. It probably is like PSIA, PMTS, etc...

I'll contact local shops also. I'll post alist of sites I look at for others.
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Thanks for the advice - I checked out the net and found an outfit that has some pretty decent prices and have placed an order. I'll let you know how it turns out.

For anyone else looking for Salomoms - these guys appear to undercut most of the net competition for new skates.

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