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Originally Posted by LiquidFeet View Post


Lakespapa, is that snow on the pavement there on the rockpile?


No.  It was chilly up there, for August, but no snow.

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went for a little drive out highway 50








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Middlegate Station rocks.  Hope you got some lunch!

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Middlegate Station rocks.  Hope you got some lunch!


no lunch, just a Coors...


I got myself lost looking for some drainage in the Clan Alpine range.  All the roads needed to access the places I was trying to be were surrounded and owned by two places calling themselves ranches, but I'm guessing ranch is short for meth factories with lots of 'no trespassing' signs...




at that point I was taking stock...


an extra for Cirque


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A new fountain/sculpture in the garden of a friend; the guy playing clarinet.  He has a Dixieland band named the "Bathtub Gin Band" so his family commissioned this piece.



Aha!  I found a more complete picture:

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

A new fountain/sculpture in the garden of a friend; the guy playing clarinet.  He has a Dixieland band named the "Bathtub Gin Band" so his family commissioned this piece.



Aha!  I found a more complete picture:


Nice!  Reminds me a little of this guy:  http://gerbomatic.com

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That is a wild sculpture, cool. I see you'r a horn player. I play guitar, bass, piano, keys, harmonica and sing.

 My play room.









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Hiked Arenal Volcano today. It's technically still off-limits although since it hasn't erupted in three years they're not really enforcing the no entry. There is no trail though and it is extremely difficult, beautiful views, but never want to do it again. Too treacherous:



View from about the highest point I got to, ran out of energy and it was over my head ability wise to finish the climb.



La Fortuna. I live up towards the farthest point of the town from this picture. 



Clearing a trail



Like I said, no trail, and it's jungle. 



This was by far the easiest section of the 3000+ foot vertical rock scramble. It was just too hard to capture the harder stuff with a camera. It was class four most the way up (except this), and even bordered on class five at the peak. 

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Sproul Creek Falls, near Nelson, British Columbia, on a rainy day:

And some mushrooms near the falls:

Taken September 28, 2013. Chilly and wet, but it's not winter yet.
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A few more from my hike up Arenal the other day:



Hiking up through an eroded river bed to get to the rock scrambles. 



Me on right, a visiting friend named Ben on the left in the above mentioned river bed. 



This only begins to capture how steep of a climb it was to the summit. 

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The Bellingham Herald Building and a rainbow this evening.  Not the best photo, but pretty impressive when I turned the corner, and there it was.



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A different kind of color...


then 3000' later

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^ Jim - where is that?

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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

^ Jim - where is that?

Snowbasin, UT

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Time to show off the real stuff!

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Getting some fall desert color on the morning walk with Ziggy

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Two weeks and one day ago I posted this picture:



Same mountain today (Mt. Baker), but this is after the big storm that's hitting the Rockies right now.  It hit us first. Quite a difference.  (Also, a different angle.)


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A part of Heather Canyon at Mt. Hood meadows, my local are, I'm 45 minutes from there, and there are a few more areas before It.

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Views from my place.

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Snow in the Selkirks.



Not as much as Mt. Hood, but it's reaching the interior.

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^^ WOW, looks like hood got pounded!

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If anybody is planning to retire in Revelstoke, you should be aware that expectations there appear to be a little different...




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4ster, yes it stormed like crazy, we go record rains in much of the state. There is a good amount of snow on the Palmer, I may have to go ski. My freinds with Timberlline passes are skiing now, weekends only.
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Breck Oct 6th


It was a great weekend to be in Colorado.  There was a ton of new snow in the high country, the fall colors were peaking, and it was a bluebird day.  This picture is in the town of Breckenridge.  I hope others took and will post some highcountry pictures as mine are mostly of the kiddos.  I bet we'll be seeing some classic Colorado fall pictures from yesterday, it was just spectacular.


Breck, Copper, A-basin and Loveland are all VERY white for this time of year.  They all look like snow covered ski areas rather than the typical single white strip we usually see this time of year.  We drove back over Loveland Pass and it was amazing.  No pics, unfortunately, as the kids were sleeping.   A-basin and Loveland are REALLY close to opening.  There were quite a few BC tracks on the north side of the pass, and a few folks hitchhiking back up.  


The temperature swings were incredible.  It was 16 degrees when I tried to go for a "run" early yesterday morning at Copper.   My body is not ready for that, yikes.  It was a very comfortable 50 degrees playing around in Breck during the day, then over 70 back home in Denver.   I love this time of year.  As much as I can't wait to ski, I wish we could stretch out the borrowed time of fall.

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We took a family hike off of Loveland Pass before heading down to Frisco for some lower elevation hiking. Plenty of people getting turns off of various points on the pass, and the kids were loving the instant winter up high.

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