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Taken this evening on the Bellingham waterfront.


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Playing around with my new phone's camera (Nexus 5x)

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I can take her I tell ya.



This morning at Wild Life Safari, Winston OR. The calf was just so joyous when Mom rolled over in the dirt and put up the dust. Some aspects of kids don't change all that much between species.

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Whistler this past April. On a redeye flight and started putzing around with photoshop filters.

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A day later than I meant to share this, but hopefully everyone's patriotic spirit is still going strong!


This was out in Ogden Valley between Snowbasin and PowMow earlier this year.


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Great weather to be on the bike or hike.  I'd rather be here with snow but this is not bad





Great place to spend some time to unwind





Summer flowers are about done



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Took this on my Iphone last winter while out and about in Revy.

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Elk Lake in the Oregon Cascades

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Winston Oregon


I had skis that looked like this guy.

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Can anyone guess where this is from?  I took the pic from the window of the car as we were passing over the Andes.  Good luck.

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Saville Dam in CT

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Toronto skyline, tonight at 7pm

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Everyone posting here should also check out the image of the month threads.... Here's the link for this month :

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America (as in music) can still draw a crowd.  This past weekend at Copper.




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Heading up Indy Pass.


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Fall in southeastern British Columbia





No snow yet!

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More autumn color in southeastern British Columbia - tonemapped this time.


Snowline tomorrow night is supposed to be 1300 meters.


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The South Umpqua, Roseburg, OR on the dog walk.


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On the Whitewater access road:


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Who's up for some night lava skiing?

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Little bit of Pennsylvania color out front.



And more out back.



So I took the motorcycle for a ride.



I like Bell's Mills Road.


Becuase it has a soulful covered bridge.


And the colors looked great in the sun.


The old farm on Turkeyfoot Road gives the cows a room with a view.


The ducks and geese were making the most of it.


And the cattle were taking a last opportunity for a dip in the pool


Turkeyfoot Road in technicolor.


Approaching the Layton Bridge (See Buffalo Bill reference from Silence of the Lambs)


The one-lane Layton Bridge was formerly a railroad.


Just a bit up the road from town.


Closer to home in Export PA


More Export


The reds were impressive, but took a hit this weekend from rain and wind.

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In the Gourge Washington side.
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Having some fun photographing the little guy.



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It doesn't always rain.
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Awesome pictures everyone!

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We drove over the North Cascades Highway (WA SR 20) today.  It's snowing in them thar hills!  Not long now.


Diablo Lake



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Loveland right now...

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