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our new neighbors  


the pics don't capture just how cute the kit really is.  these were taken through a window on my back patio last evening.  





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Not cute. Ants on a peony.

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The bees are back enjoying the lavender:









Tried out a new (used) lens today. The Sigma 70mm f/2.8 EX DG macro seems like a keeper. There is a learning curve, but everything should be figured out soon enough.

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We went sailing in the San Juan Islands earlier this week.


This is is the harbor on Matia Island where our boat was tied up but barely detectable on the other side of the dock. Sucia Island is in the background.



When the weather is right I always take too many pictures of Mt. Baker.  I will subject you to one more, this one taken from the dinghy at the entrance to Snoring Bay on Sucia Isalnd, Matia Island is in the background.

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One more from yesterday....


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Set the patio furniture up. It was a beautiful day. Just add your favoRite beverage and fire up the grill

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Lenawee Face, A-Basin, 9:30 am closing day (today).

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It was cold at the Presidio today, so I went hiking instead of playing golf. Doing so gave me a chance to try out Adobe’s new Haze slider, to see if it gets rid of haze and fog. It worked great later in the day getting rid of haze (photos not shown), and gives interesting results with morning fog (see below). It cuts through the fog just fine, but as a standalone slider (no masks) it leaves an unwanted HDR feel to the entire image (Note: You could barely see the bridge or boat through the fog in the original unretouched photos). Anyhow, it is part of the Adobe CC upgrade and could be worth using when photographing hazy mountain scenes during the day.   $9.99 per month is hard to beat for PS and LR, particularly when the upgrades are thrown in.





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Mt. Herman (MTB wink.gif ) Preserve.

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A very green Colorado beginning to dry out - no great picture clarity here, but I liked the morning color palette...

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From this morning's ride. Greenland Open Space looking to Pikes Peak.

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Just a sample of the amazing wildflowers lately.
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Ready for the annual week at the lake. Plenty of kayaks, but is 18 bottles of wine enough?
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Off to Breck - Happy Fourth!

(With girlfriends of sonsofnaybreak)

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Looks fun! Are you gonna drive all the way up to 4th of July Bowl?   ;-)

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Happy 4th of July!  Taken from the top of Vail Pass looking back at Copper.



Another nice view showing my familial mode of transport in contrast to @NayBreak's  :)


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Not really my place to post this, but just too good for it not to get a wider distribution, and it goes well with the other Colorado 4th outings. From MR's post in the Colorado Weather Discussion thread...



Really, what could be better than skiing on the 4th of July in 4th of July Bowl?   


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Bandon Beach, Bandon Oregon and one of the lighthouse because I could.



 At the beach there was a guy with his para-foil out signing paperwork with the Park Rangers. A release form was the 1st guess. Took the pictures and turned around to see him putting it away in the bag. It was a citation, not a release; bummer!


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View from my parent's boat this weekend.


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I still haven't figure out what these tiny bugs do, except hang out in flowering shrubs and plants.


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Vail yesterday. Betty Ford Alpine Garden.

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I haven't posted for a while.


First, a grouse in a tree. They're usually on the ground, but this one had developed a taste for the new growth on this particular tree.


A grouse (usually seen on the ground) in a tree in our back yard. He returned for several days in a row to feed on the new growth.


And a bee, doing what bees do:




Finally, it's hummingbird season, too:



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Angora Lookout...

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Hummingbiwd season? I thought it was wabbit season. Now I'ww have to go and buy a hummingbiwd wicense.
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Wildflower montage from today.  These were all within a few feet of each other...






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Gotta keep the animals in, dontcha know.


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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

Wildflower montage from today.  These were all within a few feet of each other...



Do you happen to know what that plant is? They are quite prolific in the summer in that Tahoe Mountain area. Kinda remind me of tobacco plants when they don't have the tall bloom shoots.



I got out for a bike ride up there the other day. Went in on the fire road end of Panther Street, and then jumped onto a rocky single track trail that runs across the hill partway up. Also hiked up the Roundabout cat track by Gunbarrel at Heavenly over the weekend. With the rain that came through recently everything is extra beautiful around those parts!  Great place to play in the summertime!   ;-)

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