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See if it falls under Apple's free battery replacement program.
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Things are so dry I had to water the shrubs and perennials this evening to keep them going.  It used to be that no watering was required from Oct. - April.  I haven't gone skiing in a while, waiting for more moisture. I did find a couple of things still flowering:



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Hudson Line

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Lake Bonneville...

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Sorry I haven't been to active on this thread recently.  Truthfully, I haven't played with my camera as much as I'd like.  I have been snowboarding a fair amount but there's only been four days on the skintrack, none of which I had my camera.  And lift-riding on 36 inches of base doesn't inspire photography.  I have to say, Mt. Rose has done a great job keeping surface conditions pretty damn fun.  It's also been a good opportunity to get the little grom on some skis.


The only thing I have shot recently is the grom...






Today though, Rose was on wind-hold.  And the dude was at pre-school.  So I took the dogs down to the lake to stretch all of our legs.  The zone between Chimney Beach and Whale Beach has multiple hiking trails to link up and is pretty quiet in the winter.


This is a view I've posted, but I had my camera for once and took a photo (9 actually)


9 frames, portrait-orientation, stitched into a pano.  Of course you lose resolution when it downsizes to something viewable on a computer screen, but this should print laser sharp at 6x2.25 feet.  The goal is 4 aluminum sheets mounted on a an old barn door.


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Originally Posted by ADKS View Post

Hudson Line

I can't reply to the questions in the feedback, but yes, it's looking south from Dobbs Ferry, NY to the George Washington Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, with a Metro-North commuter train going by.  Resolution kind of sucks on the uploaded file, though.

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Ski areas come with all kinds of views. Huff Hills, ND today; looking East across the Missouri River.


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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

Ski areas come with all kinds of views. Huff Hills, ND today; looking East across the Missouri River.

There's snow?
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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

There's snow?

Why yes there is. Mostly man made this winter very good grooming. 2 old double chairs, maybe 350' vertical. Have not seen a bump on the hill. Huff Hills is a nice little mid-western local ski area.

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If a ski area has a COSTCO nearby, we are not going hungry.  Now, what to do with the remaining two pound of clams...


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Yet again a summer sky in the dead of winter.

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sunrise, Mandan, North Dakota this morning. No filters, just a cell phone.


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My man Bill ripping the narrows of an old lift line today!
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Taken last week at Suginohara at Myoko Kogen
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Bromley Mtn from Stratton Mtn, VT

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Before the storm: rippling an old lift line including the cable!

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A lot of great pictures here!

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Copper today. The good side of warm...

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i love manila clams... that pic is an inspiration for my dinner tonight...



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If a ski area has a COSTCO nearby, we are not going hungry.  Now, what to do with the remaining two pound of clams...


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Top of Aspen Highlands Peak
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Picture by @mdf (resiszing by @tball)


Snowmass High Alpine Lift 1/27:



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From SIA..some of my favorite skis for next year. 





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We have this flock of wild turkeys hanging around...even my dogs don't quite know what to do with contact sightings.

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JAPOW: The lad and I


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Originally Posted by craigr View Post

JAPOW: The lad and I


Wow... which area/resort is this? And what's with the lift that's almost buried?

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The top pic (yellow jacket is at Furano, Hokkaido a few years ago.
2,3,4 were taken at Rusutsu last Jan. I don't know why that chair wasn't running. Maybe they use it later in the season when the snow depth decreases.??
The last pic was taken a couple of weeks ago at Myoko Kogen, Nagano, Honshu.
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New York pow!  Chippewa Glades, Belleayre Mountain.  


Gambled and stayed overnight in the Catskills Sunday, taking Monday off from work and hoping my daughter had a school snow day. Had hoped to get a "Powder Daize" opening at Plattekill, but they were closed for a private event.  Patty is usually only open on weekends, but opens during the week if a foot or more of snow falls.  Belleayre was surprisingly crowded Super Bowl Sunday, but an absolute dream today.  Best conditions I've ever skied in New York.  Champaign Powder (or perhaps Finger Lakes Sparkling Wine Powder).

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Copper today...

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