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The clouds have been interesting the past couple of days.

The aliens are coming?
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the cloud to the left look like a jelly fish 

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Quick trip to Moab this week...

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It's been two years too long for me. I could use a Moab fix about right now.
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I took this photo the other week, and now all that gold is gone and replaced with a light trace of the white stuff.  Winter is getting closer.



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A week with no new pictures?  When was the last time this happened? 

I'll add something from a few weeks ago....

My drive home from work doesn't suck. 

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What a difference a week makes.  


This was very likely my last mountain bike ride for the year last Wed.  It was 65 degrees and rode in shorts and short sleeves.  Right now it's -3 degrees and under a foot of snow.  :eek



Centennial Cone


Centennial Cone


Centennial Cone


Centennial Cone


Sorry for the crappy phone pics.  They don't do justice to the beauty of the area.


More pics and details info about Centennial Cone just west of Golden:


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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

A week with no new pictures?  When was the last time this happened?


I think the leaves all fell off leaving nothing great to shoot...


But now it's SNOWING!


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Mini hike this weekend.

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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

Mini hike this weekend.

cool.gif Sunshowers.
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Smiley face in gingko leaves in a small local park. It was quite close to the road so I was standing on my truck to get a decent perspective.


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This Am,  Alpenglow over Mt. Werner (steamboat mtn) 


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Pumpkin graveyard





This would have been a bit better had the flash not been on. I did not have time to turn it off and shoot again.


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This is what I did today. That's not me in the car, but I drove it after this guy.


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Originally Posted by epic View Post

This is what I did today. That's not me in the car, but I drove it after this guy.



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Both of the independent ski shops in Bellingham folded during the off season, leaving a general sporting goods store with a poor shop reputation and REI.  I don't want to use either, so I made the drive out to Glacier yesterday to have some bindings mounted at the Glacier Ski Shop.  While I waited, my trusty camera and I toodled around looking for interesting stuff.  I seem to have my best luck with the stunning-view type pics, but less with the up close and interesting stuff, but here are a couple of tries. 


Nooksack Falls (It's big and very tall, but you really can't see the whole thing at once. And NEVER go past the fences put there for your protection.  11 people have died over the years from slipping and falling while trying to get a better view.  Just don't.)


Moss on a branch

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This one is from earlier this week...


...but we had a powder party today




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the Teton's on our cross country bicycle trip....from my "Spoken Word" file

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Doing some IOS 8 family share setup and one of my sons dropped this one from the summer. The boy has a good eye...

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My friend Paolo on opening day Saturday:

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Today was a private powder party or PPP...

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Seashell hunting on the James...

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Castle waiting to open

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I would like to put my tracks right down that open tree line.  Thumbs Up

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Niece + Guac = RAWR

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Well, I started with this:


And ended up with this:

Created with GIMP

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This was December 1st at Mid Mountain - Northstar (yesterday)


This is today in the Village at Northstar. 


Can't wait for tomorrow :popcorn

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Our summer skies continue...

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