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Picture of the day...

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a take off from many forums...


share photos that represent the day


if you'd like critique, post up and ask


this is a place for stoke, and if you wish, a place to learn.


so, I'll start


I'd call this stoke, but I'm always open to c&c 




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OMG, I love your shots!

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I would not consider myself a photographer, but I am a picture taker.  I bought a Kodak point & guess camera about 4 years ago, & recently upgraded to a Cannon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS.  It is another point & shoot camera, but it fits in almost any pocket & convenient to carry.  my fear is that if I got a bigger, higher tech camera, I would not take it with me as often. 


I kick myself for not having a camera sooner, as I have witnessed so many cool sites during my life.  Oh well, it is never too late.


Here are a few of my favorite "pictures of the day" from the past few years:


(You gotta click on them to see the full shot)
















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This is some bird I found at Butterfly World while visiting relatives in a state where it is too hot to breath anything other than recycled air.  For the price of a lift ticket the family got to see butterflies, birds and some really cool bugs.  My older son kept the camera for most of the time we were there, figuring it was a good spot to complete his Photography merit badge requirements.  The butterflies are about to get soaked.  Tropical Storm Issac is expected to become a hurricane before it hits Florida on Monday.  Virgin America got us home yesterday, so we'll miss the bad weather.

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A few from evening entertainment:







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I've planted morning glories every year since I can remember.  I love how they open up to the new day every morning, then close up to get busy making seeds for the following year, and making way for new blooms the next morning.  


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Here's one from earlier in the month.  Desolation Wilderness, Dick's Pass.  My six year old is in front of me.



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Here is a photo that represents the end of the day (for me, anyway).  Free ski straps to the first person who PMs me with the name of this floating museum.


UPDATE:  We have a winner: Bazzer .  The ship is the Balclutha, which is a favorite overnite "camping" spot for the Cub Scouts in the SF area along with the WWII submarine, the USS Pampanito.

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Kolocep Island, just north of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  One of the most beautiful places I've visited.

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These have been some nice pictures.  I'm glad Splitter started this one. 

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this thread is taking off, glad to see everyone's photos


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It's certainly not as majestic as some of those above, but it sure is recent.  It was taken about an hour ago.

The resolution could be better, but it was taken through a window with a pocket camera..

The "Mom" was about 50 feet away just inside the tree-line.


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Northeast Estonia, looking out onto the Gulf of Finland in July. 


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nothin' of esme-lou today

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Beautiful photos!

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The Stanislaus National Forest (just a few hours from the Bay area) has had Red Flag Warnings and is ready for some moisture.  Now that school has started most of the tourists are gone.

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Balance beam practice from a recent camping trip, looking up hill.


And to put the pic in perspective, here's looking down about 15 to 20 ' at the ground from midway across, plenty of branches in the way to break your fall though (and no I didn't test them ;)  )

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For Trekchick, who likes flowers...




Early August this year in New Hampshire.  100mm macro lens, 1/125 sec @ f/3.5 using ISO 100, manual focus.  For this kind of thing, a tripod is a must.  I got lucky that the breeze died down and double lucky when the bumble bee showed up.  If I could do it over, I'd switch to ISO 400 in order to get a bit more depth of field.

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Oh I need to get out and take some pictures.  These are good...maybe this weekend.

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