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Das Kurze Klausenrennen

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Named after a hillclimb between Linthal and Klausen in Canton Glarus held between 1922 and 1934, the Wisconsin Alfa Romeo Owners Club holds it's annual hillclimb in New Glarus WI. This years event will be held May 4th. In addition to lots of Alfas, some interesting vintage cars usually show up.
Any Bears interested in this type of thing might check it out. It's usually a pretty casual event followed by food and drink in New Glarus and touring in Wisconsins "driftless area". Runs up the hill are from 10:00 to 1:00 and the rest is informal.
I'll be driving my gold FIAT X 1/9 with SLATZ on the plate. We have a pretty good local microbrew. Hope some of you can make it.
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Slatz, I was there (in spirit [img]smile.gif[/img] ).
How did it go?
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It's next weekend, the 4th of May.
Thanks for the thought though.
The trees here are just catching up to where they were there when we were there. Are you still able to ski?
What's up for summer?
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Sorry Slatz, I was a little confused when posted!

Yes, april 25th I did ski:
Epic ski Tonale thread

I do hope to be able to go skiing at least once (if not twice, either at Tonale or at Stelvio glaciers) a month until next winter...but it's only a hope.

Plans are to spend 3 wks in june by the seaside with the kids (bonding, etc)...

How about yours?
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Looks like really super skiing. I missed that thread. I don't usually check that section. Great pics.
Megan's still in Florence. Her sister Sarah(rower) and her stepbrother Ian are coming to visit in May. After that she's coming back and spending a week with her boyfriend in Kentucky before she comes home. Sue's busy trying to buy a two-flat house in the campus area for her to live in next year.
The ocean sounds great. I can't think of a better place(other than skiing) for "bonding". Our camp spends time each session on the Oregon coast. The waters pretty cold, you need a wetsuit to surf, but the scenery is beautiful. I love to get up at daybreak and walk in the tide pools.
Thank for the history. I always like to find out about the history of places. Even right around home.
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It was two days ago
Now, my original question has become actual...
How your "old" FIAT (Feheler Ins Alle Teile, sp?) has fared?
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The car ran a personal best of 43.5 compared to 46 and 47s in the past. The road was repaved last summer which seemed to improve the times. The Alfas were 5 or 6 seconds faster(as usual).
There was a Fraser-Nash there as well as two 38 BMW roadsters, a couple MG TCs, a couple Bentlys,Jaguar XK 120s and a 1920s Packard roadster. All of them beautiful restorations.
The weather was great and afterwards we sat on the porch of Pumple's Austrian Tavern(opened in 1890 somthing) and drank the local micro-brew called Spotted Cow(which, in my opinion, tastes like the part of the cow it most resembles).
The banquet was held at the New Glarus Hotel with entertainment by The Yodel Club which included yodeling from different parts of Switzerland, Alphorn playing and singing along to music made by rolling a coin around a large bowl. Dancing afterwards was to a local Polka band.
A good time was had by all. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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