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Want to learn Telemark

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I would like to consider myself intermediate downhill skier. I have definitely picked up some pointers on this website and wish I found the fourms during last year's ski season. Only thing i think I need more work on is using my edges and getting away from the occasional snow plow........


On to my questions.. Ive read up alot on telemark and really think I want to pick it up this season. How difficult is the learning curve, given my current level of experience? I live in Central/Upstate NY, is there any certified and/or experienced telemark instructors in my area? Should I expect that the local ski slopes near me would even offer rentals while I try it out?


I also just bought new downhill skis and was thinking of putting telemark bindings on my old (3 year old) Atomic skis. Would those work to break into the sport? Dont know the ski sizes and unable to measure while im in Afghanistan :)


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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As a rough ruler of thumb, the better an alpine skier that you are, the easier it is to pick up tele, but if you want to learn tele just jump into it - it'll come to you.

You can put tele bindings on your old skis, just remember that it's easier to learn on shorter and softer- flexed skis - again, as a rough rule of thumb.

I don't know the answers to your questions about instructors and rentals, but I'd bet a nickel that someone in the forums at would. That's a place you should go for advice - there's plenty of that there, and you can get advice on specific equipment and possibly some deals on used stuff. See you there.
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As an alpine downhill skier, you might find the NTN binding/boot system easier to use. Most good ski shops selling tele stuff will have rentals you can use.

The training information at which is the website Bob suggested, will get you started.

If you like to read, Paul Parker's "Freeheel Skiing" can be helpful.
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I think my old friend, John Doan, teaches Telemark at Whiteface.  Have fun with it.  Remember to put pressure on the back/inside ski in a tele turn or you will be doing the fakemark.  The better the alpine skier the likely they are to be excessively skiing on the front foot. 

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Mattsch, post over on 

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

Mattsch, post over on 


He's there.

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You'll learn better from the masters, in person, rather than online. Suggest you get ahold of North American Telemark Organization in Waitsfield, Vermont. Dicky Hall has been teaching telemark for over 30 years. He knows one or two tricks. wink.gif
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Cross over from Alpine to Telemark is pretty easy but I would also suggest a lesson or two. I've heard great things about Dick Hall  but I can also tell you they are many PSIA trained Telemark Instructors out there that would love to give a lesson since students are few and far between.


Looks like Cazenovia SKi Club has a special learn to Tele Day

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Another vote for Paul Parker's "Free Heel Skiing" book.

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Originally Posted by crudmeister View Post

Another vote for Paul Parker's "Free Heel Skiing" book.


I like "Mike & Allens Really Cool Telemark Tips".

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