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Fischer vacuum boots

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What do you think of the Fischer vacuum boots? Is the price right? Are they effective? Thank you in advance for a response.
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There's a massive thread on here about them, search it out, personally I think it's a massive red herring/white elephant.

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Not to step into the boot guys shop but help a new member with the search feature....

Two major threads on the Fischer boots. 


Live from Jackson Hole: My Fischer Vacuum Thread - EpicSki


2012 Fischer Vacuum Ski Boot: A Game Changer - EpicSki

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like any boot it either works for you or it doesn't, be guided by your boot fitter, and if you are looking at a boot such as the fisher then fred carefully as to where you buy, fisher claimed that they were putting this boot into the best fitting shops all over the world, well this certainly isn't the case in the UK from what we are seeing there are numerous issues, but these tend to be issues solvable by the correct selection of product in the fist place


what is isn't is a game changer, it will not replace the boot fitter or put all the other companies out of business! it works well for the correct foot, but as said no one on here can tell you if it will work for you without having your feet in front of them, so, by all means consider it as an option, but do not be so blinkered by it or the sales patter that you forget that there may be a boot equally as good or better out there.


be open minded and above all work with a great boot fitter to get the right boot for you 

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Our shop sells Fischer vacuum boots. We have had great success with it. As CEM stated it is not for everyone. Fischer has added more vacuum models this season to help accommodate more fits. You need to have an experienced boot fitter assess your needs to get all the correct options. All boots are good if they fit. Fischer vacuum boots do work if fit properly. Good Luck...

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Thanks Trekchick for bumping my thread.

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