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mtb insanity - redefining "technical" trails

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just returned from my 10-day pilgrimage to SW Utah. I must say - to those of you who've ridden around Virgin UT and know the Flying Monkey trail, you are LUCKY!

Flying Monkey = the very best technical trail I've ever ridden. Pain and death are quite reachable here. Scary fallaways to the right and left. Sick rock lines. Downhill trials, anyone?

My friends & I had the pleasure of meeting, staying with and riding with big-drop sensation Josh Bender. Let me tell you folks now: the lad is sick, mad with skills and with a desire to go big. He thinks on a huge scale. He lives life like a TGR/Matchstick video. And he's completely laid-back, friendly, encouraging, and fun.

oh yeah, Grafton Mesa is a good DH.

we went to Durango to visit JB's brother and take in a few runs on Haflin Creek/Canyon.

we returned to Virgin but on the way back the other support rig (Roseanne the Van) died.

digipix to follow. :
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Virgin Pilgrims Gallery

EC = Eric Cline
Meelee = Marlana Kosky
Little A = Andy Frank
Agent O/Gonz = me
Blackmore = one of Bender's riding buddies

EC & Meelee are matt_davis's friends who grew up in SLC and now live in Missoula. They run the best LBS in town, Bike Doctor. Little A works in the bike shop at High Country Sports.

Bikes: EC - Santa Cruz Super 8 w/ Monster T
Little A - Santa Cruz Super 8 w/ Shiver DH
Meelee - Santa Cruz Bullit w/ Z1
Gonz - Ellsworth Isis w/ Z3
Blackmore - Rocky Mountain Slayer w/ Jr T

Location: Virgin, Utah

Virgin R Skinny is a narrow barrier w/ flat top, on a bridge about 15 feet above the Virgin River.

Cobra Head is a natural rock feature.

The 4-foot drop is at the bottom of Flying Monkey. :
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Like it Gonz.

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Man, those are some burly rigs you're riding and that terrain looks intimidating. Nice!
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Great Pics! I'm gonna have to head down soon, very soon. Maybe not the perfect place for my hardtail, but I'll give it a run.

Virgin, Utah is a pretty cool area. Drop into Zion's while you were there? How about the Virgin Trading Post? I tried to drop off my girlfriend last summer there, but I guess that your not supposed to take the sign as fact.

[ May 01, 2002, 08:18 AM: Message edited by: AltaSkier ]
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Hey, Alta, I knew your girlfriend when she was first sold there...


P.S. Nice pics Gonzo.
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Yea, but I noticed your still on the shelf even with a discount.

(not a homo comment, don't take it that way)
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Nice Gonz!!!

Looks like a little local wildlife down there on the pic of EC going off Cobra Head.
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Well, apparently I was too rough on my Isis. I broke the frame last Thursday -- go here for pictures: Link from MTBR.com

the good news: Ellsworth is replacing it under warranty.

the better news: I've decided to get a new frame & fork to handle my new stunts, etc...

frame: 2002 Santa Cruz Bullit, Trans Red color
fork: 2002 Marzocchi Jr T Pro
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cough, cough, gravity sled, cough... (heh, heh).

Seriously though Gonz, nice choice! I have the '01 Jr T on my FSR and I LOVE it. I kept bashing my knees into the top of the stanchions when jumping out of the saddle for "quick burst" climbs. I ordered a Thompson layback and slapped a shorter stem on it, and all is good again.

I've been eyeing the Bullit or a Uzzi SLX as a replacement for the FSR, but will probably wait a year and see what Santa Cruz does with the virtual pivot technology (I hear they will have a 7 inch freeride bike by the end of the year).

Bring the Bullit out here with you when you come and you, JohnH, and I can go hit Whitetail for some lift served madness!!!
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