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Atomic/ESS VAR 512 lift plates and long binding screws.    These are the 9mm thick two-piece lifters with the soft foam insert (read: perfect for repurposing under light 3 pin gear)  Often found in bright orange-yellow.  :)  The screws are ~18 mm with a coarse black finish that looks like seasoned cast iron.   


Marker Twincam poles  with asymmetric grips and half-moon baskets 46 or 48 cm.   Will take just grips also.


LOOK small-head screws 20mm +    The ones without tapered heads.


Alpina Telelites size 39


Alpina plastic-shell double boots w. NNN-BC fittings  size 39


Claw skis.


Leki Lawisond pole tips  (plastic with what looks like a plastic hex nut just above the basket mounting area)


Scott T2 graphite pencil poles (very thin , very rigid, has T2 silk-screened in a triangle on the shaft

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