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Eco Challenge New Zealand

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If you're in Canada (don't know about the States or anywhere else) Eco Challenge starts
on Discovery Channel tonight.

In my wildest moments, I like to think I could have finished an Eco Challenge race about
25 years ago. Hah!

I don't know where those competitiors get the will and stubbornness (for want of a better
word) to finish one of these things in the top ranks, but my hat is sure off to them.

Watch it, best darn TV around for the week. Makes Survivor look like a Sunday picnic,
and there's no million dollars at the end.

(edit for spelling)

[ April 21, 2002, 03:21 PM: Message edited by: Jimmy P ]
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As one of the guys who nountain bikes with my group says:

"The older I get the faster I was"

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I'm with you Jimmy P, those guys are real athletes -- not highly paid entertainers or product salesmen like you find in the NBA, PGA, or other pro sports leagues.
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Anyone notice on the first broadcast how everytime Sarah Boardman (Moosejaw) bitches about her team, her comments seem more applicable to her?
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LH - Not sure how purely they apply to her, but you gotta admire her for being back in the thick of it.

Ed - Right on. "I'm a legend in my own mind."
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I'm with you LH. seems to me sarah should be in the mall, not in the Mt's. Takes some nerve to have your teammates do all your work and then complain about them. What a whiner!

She and the Brazilian guy should form their own team dufus. He can get them lost and then she'll have something real to complain about LOL
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LH - I'm eating crow. You're spot on.

Did you see her at PC16. She was doing a field interview, and had on blue eyeshadow for cryin' out loud.

Wonder which one of her teammates had to carry it for her??
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Sarah Boardman was absurd, certainly the comic releif in the group. I liked the guys in Team Go, and Ian is a machine.
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Yep AC, Ian's a machine, both physically AND mentally.

I'm still amazed by Boardman. That level of CLUELESSNESS is staggering. Time to smell the coffee baby...
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Sarah should be voted off the island. (NZ)

She's an embarrassment to other whiners. What a self centered... poop.

What was that guy's name with the horrible blisters on his feet (Scott? I forget) Determination is one thing. Stupidity and deformity is quite another. I had phantom foot pain watching this guy Crawl up the hill. Unreal.

Beautiful country, amazing athletes.

My favorite "old age" quote:

Each day is better than the next.

[ April 25, 2002, 06:31 PM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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Best dawn TV ever!! Boardman, see the huge pearl earings!! And Cathy from PureNZ scaries me. Robin well .....What about that 300' rappel...ASLEEP!!!
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Tell you what. LM's post on "Do all guys feel this way" has an easy answer.

Robyn Benincasa is a babe. From what I could see, she would fit in on any beach in the world, but she's clearly a mountain girl. She gets my vote.

Terry, from Team Seagate, is something too.

Sarah, well, I'm sorry for my earlier comments. I got a kick out of them showing the girl from Team Go "fixing" her (probably perfectly good) bike for her, and still she wouldn't move, and blamed it on the bike. As if she'll ever find anyone to race with in the future. Probably a good thing, that.

As for Team Go, Alex is da MAN, and he has some damn fine friends too!
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Originally posted by artimus:
Cathy from PureNZ scaries me
Cathy competes in all these events, locally and internationnaly, and is a machine. Her teams always do so well because (although I hate to say this being a female) competes at the physical level of a male. She never slows them down.

Hope you enjoyed the wonderful scenery we have down under.
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We watched the first three nights then forgot to program the VCR. Who won?
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Eco Internet (again)
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Thanks JohnH.
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