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Nendaz & Veysonnaz

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I have been seem some great deals on very nice apartments in Nendaz and Veysonnaz.  The costs are not only low compared to Verbier but Switzerland and the alps in general.  Anyone know the reason for this.  I have never been there.  Are the ski areas or towns lacking in some way?

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Haven't been to either village but have been to Verbier.


Both are linked in to the same lift network as Verbier, so while it might take you a few lifts and a little time to get to the goods as opposed to staying in Verbier, once you're there the skiing is the same.


I imagine they are rather quiet, sleepy villages with little to no nightlight or glitz, and therefore cheaper than Verbier. Sounds pretty good to me, I may have to check out some of those deals.

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I stayed in Veysonnaz about 5 years ago. Like AiB says, it's a sleepy village with just a few shops. But, the skiing is good and the area is fully connected with the rest of the 4 valleys.


I'm not certain, but I think it took my brother and me about an hour or so to get from the bottom of the lift in Veysonnaz to the top of the mountain in Verbier, cruising at reasonably high speeds on the pistes. That's more an indication of the size of the area, because the lifts and pistes were pretty well laid out.


If you want crazy nightlife and loads of shops and restaurants, then stay in Verbier. If you don't mind a sleepy villages, then take the cheaper option.

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Thanks all for the info! Still looking at the apartments.  How would either be for the last week of April.  Are those areas high enough?

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