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What Ski's would you recommend after a Season's Experience...

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Hey, I've had a look around the forum before I signed up and noticed there is some good information being shared so thought I'd fire a question out there...

I live in the French Alps and last Winter was my first season skiing (I originally came here for Downhill Mountain Biking which I've done for the past 10 years).


I took to skiing (after a month or so on the snowboard I wasn't too convinced it was for me) very quickly as it does feel very similar to Downhilling on a bike so I instantly loved it.

All my friends are very experienced skiers with Alaska seasons under their belts or lots of European seasons however one thing they all can't agree on is which ski would be best for me next.


I'm quiet aggressive with my skiing (probably due to my biking background) and this season just gone we had a lot of powder days and I kept finding myself borrowing my friends Salomon Lord style ski which I liked but this was sadly the only larger ski I tried all winter and I was mainly on some fairly short park ski's (liberty morphics at 164) which were great for learning on but I found them very floppy at speed and anything other than jibbing.


I'm wanting a pair of ski's that will be a good progression for me so that it doesn't slow my learning down by being too stiff or too much of a handful but also a ski that I can I guess grow into a bit. I guess the main reason I'm asking is that it's the time to be getting the bargains on ski's either ex rental or just the summer offers so I don't really want to wait until winter to try them out and then get stung with 4x the price.


If someone asked me the equivalent question on a Downhill forum I'd give the answer "there is no such thing as a good all round bike" so I'm 1/2 expecting that... but I'd like a suggestion of what you'd put me on next.


Recap of what I'm looking for: A fun ski to grow into and handle the piste as well as powder runs

Probably quiet forgiving still but I ride quite aggressively (more of a bullet train than finesse) I'm 6ft and weigh around 12.6 / 13stone


My friends are torn between recommending K2 Kung Fuja's pros - fun, poppy - cons - too floppy, heavy? Volkl Kendos ros - great all round ski, bit more suited to piste, fairly still so good if your aggressive - cons - too stiff for me to use properly? or maybe even Mantras?


Let me know if you need any more info from me - thanks for your time!

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Hi latwelve.  Welcome to EpicSki. 

Apologies that this took a week for someone to notice, but you can imagine, summer time is slumber time. 


Sounds like you picked up skiing pretty quickly, and have found some fun times on some fairly advanced skis in your first season. 


The traditional response is - Boots First! 

Get your ski boots fitted and sorted out, then demo a few pair of skis to see what you like. 


Based on your post and the kind of skis you've been skiing on, I'd say you are really looking for something in the high 90's under foot, with the ability to be an every day ski.  There are several in that range that you should consider 

Demo short list should include (but not exclusive to) 

Rossi Experience 98

Blizzard Bonafide

Dynastar Cham 97

Kastle BMX 98

Nordica Steadfast or Hell and Back

Atomic Alibi or Theory



Whew and I'm just getting started - Wait until the rest of the bears start giving you ideas!

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