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‘Just Ride’ by Grant Petersen

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I thought about putting this in the Cycling forum, but upon reflection figured that might be a tad inappropriate/disrespectful. Still, too good not to put somewhere, and if you replace ride/bike with ski, well...  ;-)

“No matter how much your bike costs,” he says, “unless you use it to make a living, it is a toy, and it should be fun.”


From a review in the NYT by Dave Eggers...


Many a weekend bicycle rider has had the same unsettling experience: You ask a friend to ride with you along some scenic, low-impact route. You show up wearing shorts, Sambas and a T-shirt, and he shows up dressed for an Olympic time trial. On his torso is a very tight shirt slashed with a half-dozen garish colors and logos irrelevant to him. His helmet, decorated with flames or stripes or both, is equipped with a rearview mirror. A rubber straw dangles around his neck like a fur stole, through which he can drink fluids from a container on his back. And then there are the spandex leg-­enclosures. These have patches of yellow on either flank, giving the impression that your friend is wearing chaps. Yellow-and-black spandex chaps.
All this for a 10-mile ride on a bike path.
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There's hundreds of these guys blasting up and down the American River bike trails in Sacramento.  Mostly they seem to ride together.  I don't see average guys in bermudas mixing it up with the spandex gang. 

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face it, the elitism in cycling rivals skiing!

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The author will be speaking at a couple of different REI's in the SF Bay Area in the coming weeks...


Description: Do you enjoy riding your bike the way you did as a kid? Or, is your time on the saddle more work than fun, driven by performance? Tonight, Grant Petersen, founder and owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works, will tell you how he got caught up in a racer's lifestyle for more than 25 years, how it took the fun out of riding, how this can happen to anybody, and what he did about it. Come meet this passionate cyclist, who challenges conventional cycling dogma and offers a more satisfying and sustainable approach to riding in his new book, "Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike". If you register for this free presentation we will hold a seat for you until the scheduled start time. Seating may be available at the door, even if registration is closed. Additional dates: 10/10 (Concord), 10/24 (SF)



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