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Kastle MX78 length advice

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Just looking for some views on if these would be a little long for me, as i am able to buy some for a really good price ex demos 2010 kastle MX78 in 176cm with k14 bindings on the kastle plate


I am 48 years old, 174lbs, 5 foot 8inches, reasonably fit (racing cyclist, but do time trials hence i am a bit heavy!)), level 7 to 8, ski 40 days a year in europe. Like off piste, (hike for turns at times), trees as long as not too tight, reasonable bumps as long as not too icy or tight, zipper line in fits and starts. Slightly old fashioned technique (feet a bit close at times) and slowing down a little bit now I am getting older......Technique is more finesse now than power. Still do guided off piste classes (its more guided than a class to be honest, but usually my short turns get a bit of work)


I have a quiver of skis, but nothing much like these for groomers, nearest is salomon aero x in 170cm that i really like, but they are getting rather old now. and a pair of watea 84's in 176cm that are do it all, but more biased to softer conditions


I did try a pair of fischer progressor 10+ last year in 170cm, and they were not for me at all, (totally different to my old race sc's and rx8's that were fantastic) but may have been the tune, but i did have a feeling i was not powerful enough for them.


Most of length advice i have seen on these Kastles is 5 to 10cm below height, which would mean these will be too long, and i suppose a 168cm would be better.


opinions welcome, thanks

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I think Dawcatching who is about your height, and a competitive cycalist skiied thes skis in that length a couple of years ago. He's a regular poster here from Bend, Oregon. I'm sure he would have some good insight on hat length. I'll be skiing these skis in 168 this year, but I haven't been on them yet! Cannot wait for snow.
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I'm 6'4", 210lbs and own the MX78 in 184cm.  I've also been on the 176cm for a few runs in various conditions.  To be fair I've only two days on my own pair thus far, so take that into consideration.


I suspect I'm in the same boat as you - my 'preferred' length for such a ski would be approaching 180cm (yours might be approaching 170cm).  The longer ski is marginally less turny, less nimble, but more stable - just as you'd expect.  I've not tested them back-to-back, but on hardpack I would prefer the more nimble, shorter ski.  In any sort of new snow, or as conditions become mixed, the longer ski will come into its own.  Choose your poison.


Your Wateas will give you an idea of how the longer ski feels for you.  The Kastle will be more ski than the Watea in the same length.  If you're hanging onto the Wateas and buying an MX78 the 168 would fit better in your quiver.  The Kastle will do most of what the Watea will do for you (and vice versa).  Owning the two together will create a lot of overlap.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice, as suggested i think there will be too much crossover with my wateas, so may look for some 168cms to replace the salomons, and they may be hard work as i like shorter rather than longer turns.

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as a 78 owner, I would recommend the 168 for you. The 78 has a pretty long running length and is plenty stable.  at 5' 8" the 168 is perfect. I am 6' 170 and ski the 178. 

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I picked up my freinds pair from the shop owner here in Pa. and skied the 176 cm version. It was a typical day here in Pa. a little ice it had snowed and the snow blew into powder piles . So you went from a scratchy icy surface to wind swept snow. Anyway the skis are great on hard pack very numble. You would probably like the longer length but the 168 cm would probably be a better choice all things considered.

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I have fairly similar physical specs (a few inches taller and a little lighter) and have the 178cm with KTI plate.  I had a pair without the plate too.


The plate does change the ski in a noticeable way making a pretty serious ski into an even more serious/powerful ski.  I really like it in this length as a GS'y type ski that like to be driven hard at higher speeds.  They can be a bit of a handful if you are tired or skiing bumps/trees.  They are great fun skiing crud and cut up snow in the fall line. 

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note dead thread....

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Odd that that landed in my inbox.  Should have looked at the date, thanks!

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