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Another win for Michael and 1,2 for Ferrari. Yawn....Zzzzzzzzzz
ryan, are you there?
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It wasn't the most exciting race but the points still count.
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A well deserved victory - nobody could touch the team.

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Leave me the F(1) alone.

Actually, Lucky, I'm KINDA following this year but with Mika out, I can't muster the same degree of interest. But I'm keeping tabs. Plenty of time left for things to happen but it's clear everyone's playing catch-up.
Some years are fat, some damn thin. The nature of auto racing. Just kinda waiting for Juan Pablo and Michael to get into it, take each other out, then for JPM to drub the elder Schumacher while little Schumacher parks it, gets out of the car, comes over to help big brother out, only to get HIS ass whipped, too.

some MIKA, if yer innersted

McLaren are all high-end pros; I expect them to learn, make progress, pull the odd result here and there. David is solid (enough, I guess) and Kimi will only improve. In the meantime, hey, sometimes you have to bite your (fat) lip and take your lumps.

Still a-ways to go....

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I know it's too early to cry victory, Ryan,
but for the moment the one who's being whipped
is JPM
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And I'm savouring every victory!
After soo many years of drought....

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Things are looking RED in Spain [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Although Orange is surprisingly strong. :
It's only Friday though
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Heinz-Harald is lookin' Frisky, eh?
(DC? Hello? Anybody there?)
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Everyone is racing for 2nd(3rd?).
H-H(note the hyphen?) is a creditable 10th.
Arrows is showing JagUar it's not the engine(they suck)(too bad they're my second favorite team )(Eddie is my favorite driver outside of the "RED" cars [img]redface.gif[/img] He's the Muhammed Ali of F-1 )

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I heard an interview where the head of another team (sorry, I missed the part where they stated the team name) commented:" We hope the Ferrari will have some technical trouble, tomorrow.
That's our only hope, if we want to make some points".
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I was afraid this race would be more boring than the last one. So far, it is.
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OK, a bit dull in P1, but poor, unfortunate Reubens!

What's this with all the wings breaking?

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I wonder if they're playing games with them to gain speed?
It was mentioned that one set of turns seemed to be setting them vibrating.
The Spanish GP seems to be known as a "parade". As long as the leader is red I won't complain.
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I heard comments that due to the bumpy track, and the high top speeds on the main straight that there may be problems with complex harmonics shaking the wings apart.

Personally, I find that hard to swallow, cause Catalunya is where more teams do more testing than anywhere else.

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I heard that too. Good point about testing. I'll bet they were "softening" the mounts to get some flex. You could understand Minardi having problems because they don't test much. But McLaren?
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Anyone see 60 Minutes II last night? Charlie Rose hung around with and interviewed that German dude who drives that little red car around.
Good stuff.
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Missed it. Damn!
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I don't get "antenna"TV down in this valley. DARN
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What if they held a RACE Sunday ? :
The times are pretty close with JPM and Kimi not far out. The next ones are not the "usual suspects"(Toyota, JagUar and Arrows)
With Rubens fastest it should be a good session tommorow.

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Surprise! Surprise!
Who is that masked man?
At least he's in a RED car.
Michael's not even on the front row. Can't wait for tomorrow.
The F-1 2002 Bloody Mary Mix is great and the Blue Moon Tavern will be serving (Austrian?)style omlettes.
Should be a great race. Hope Rubens wins it. Michael on the podium(not 2nd, team orders ya know)
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We shall see...
Insamuch I want to see Michael win, I think that
it's time for Rubens to receive from "Madama Fortuna" his share of good luck...
Team member number two or not, he deserves to win.
Anyway it looks like the hounds are geting closer to the hare...

P.S. Slatz, read your PMs...

[ May 11, 2002, 06:33 AM: Message edited by: M@tteo ]
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What a stinkin ripoff!!! Barrichello leads for 61 laps and then is told to pull aside and let Schumacher take the win????!!!!!????

That just plain sucks!
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As much as I understand that management has no heart....
That was really a nasty trick to do.
OTOH, Rubinio has demonstated his value.
Slowing down at the latest possible moment
sound as a tease to the box orders.
Way to go!

P.S. I'm a Ferrari fan, and will like to see Michael win his 4th championships, but NOT this way.
He doesn't need this, at least not this year...
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The "roll-your-eyes" doesn't quite fit this episode.
we need a "vomit" icon.
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It was a disgrace.
I feel sorry for Reubens.
I hope Ferrari are docked several points, and fined heftily. (or maybe just remove top gear from their cars!)

Anyway, just for Ryan...

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WWF F-1. How embarrassing for Ferrari and Michael [img]redface.gif[/img] [img]redface.gif[/img] and how humiliating for Rubens : I almost snuffed my TV. I am a die hard Ferrari fan, but I think it would serve Ferrari right if their fans turned on them. This sucks!!!

[ May 13, 2002, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: Lucky ]
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ryan, this almost makes me want to root for McLaren or Williams. What an insult to racing fans.
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I don't like it, but it's certainly understandable why they did it. I also like that they did it in the open instead of telling Rubens to slow down 1 sec. per lap and make it look like Michael beat him fairly. At least this way EVERYONE knows what really happened. What I find despicable is the way Michael acted embarassed after. Not standing on the podium, not taking the trophy. He took the POINTS show a spine and stand on the top step. He was just pandering to the ex-Ferrari fans that were booing him. Does he not think we know this. I couldnt stand the way he raced against Damon and JV, and he's still the same guy now. It's just that it's easier so he doesn't have to chop-block last year.

Enough of that.

The race actually had some other excitement. I'm glad Sato is unhurt. Unbeleivable crash. I guess he didn't see THAT coming. How about Fisi? God knows he deserved it. So now BAR is the only team with 0 points. Will Honda really drop Jordan F1 next year? I was rooting the last 10 laps for JV's Honda to blow. Ha ha ha. Too bad about Panis though. Thats one classy driver and deserves better (just like Rubhino). Lets see, I think the Arrows beat the Jags again. You gotta love it when the customer car beats the factory car (even though HHF's diffuser and underbody were all trashed).

Too bad about the Macs. We need Mika back. I hope he's not enjoying his "sabbatical" at all. I hope he's just on the edge of his seat itching to get back in the car. I also want to see Wurz racing one of the Macs this year I think hes got balls just as big as Montoya's. We can only hope.
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DC supported Ferrari's call. Remember, he did the same thing in Australia in 98.
Michael obviously wasn't happy about it and, like Eddie Irvine in 99 gave the trophy to his team mate.
Team orders have been part of Formula One forever. Like DC pointed out,"it's a team sport".In 97, 98 and 99 Ferrari lost the championship at the last race by a few points. With all the investment they would be foolish at this point not to maximize their chances. Before the race Patrick Head and others said, "historically dominance doesn't last". The race was over at the start, if it hadn't been for the safety car the Ferraris would have lapped the field. They had over a 40 second lead when the safety car came out the first time (lap 15). The lap time was about 72. Both drivers were told to "take it easy on the equipment" and Ferrari has never allowed their drivers to race each other. Michael also set the fastest lap of the race on the last lap.
I don't recall the same kind of complaints when it was McLaren who was so dominant in 98.
We've waited a long time for this. McLaren and Williams have had their times, now it's ours.
QUIT CRYING! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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