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I was reading that if a boot had the inside ankle rivot higher then or eqaul to the outside ankle rivot, had a low ramp angle & less forward lean @ the cuff it was considered a lateral boot.Better suited for the skier that tips skis for turning.


A ski boot with a higher ramp angle, more cuff angle with inside ankle rivot lower then out side ankle rivot it was a rotary boot. Better suited for skiers that use rotary movement to turn skis.


 The artical did not state why & Iam not smart enough to figure out why or if it is even true?


 I Could be wrong but I kinda think it is best to focus on the ramp angle & cuff angle that gives the skier the best balance rather then if its rotary or lateral. But the hight of the rivots compared to each other how would they effect if a boot is rotary or lateral. Which is best for fall line skiing in moguls or powder.