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Hi I have a pair of 2012 Atomic Theorys 177 mounted with Salomon z12ti bindings that i skied exactly 6 times. I am selling the whole package (bindings included) for $300.00.Amazing skis, but too short for me (i am 6'1" 240lbs) Let me know if you are interested.

TrialbyICE, no to hijack but  if the OP doesnt bite I may be interested. My son demoed these and loved them and I am in need of new skis. Can you elaborate on why they are amazing?


And where are you located?



For the OP, In the last 2 months  I  have demo'd the Kastle MX 88, Kendo, Nordica Steadfast, and the Line Prophet 90.(all in 177-179 and between Killington, Stowe Sugarbush and Wachuset)


I really liked the MX88 but they are way too spendy. I also liked the Kendo and thought it was bulletproof but thought it had the turning radius of a barge after skiing on the Steadfasts (wanted to try the Helen bu the shop didnt have) I really liked the feal and performance of the Prohpet and warmed up to it towards the last f my 10 or so runs on them. They reminded me of a solid all rounder that chopped through the crud with its early rise but still held an edge.


In the end I liked the Nordicas he best for my type of skiing.  If you can get  a used pair of the Line or try the Nordicas then I would say go for it.

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Hi @Jaybyrd33, I got the 179cm! I'm 5'11'' and 175lbs. and these are perfect length for me. 

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