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Two ski days?

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The last two ski days have got me thinking. Day one was all steepish slopes and heavy chowder - 2 days old and mostly tracked up. Still maybe 6 inches to a foot deep. The 183 Armada TST's handled it well, giving a lot of confidence. The only downside being a lot of force transmitted to tired old legs and feet. Not exactly beating me up but definitely making me work. Maybe at 135 lbs and 5' 6" I should have a slightly shorter ski but overall they worked.


Next day at a different field and more shallow slope with a totally different ski - 156 Blizzard Magnum 7.6. Some groomers this time but still plenty of crud though maybe not as deep. Great on groomed of course, but the revelation was how smooth and safe they felt in the crud but at the same time increased response - Really a lot of fun!


So the question I want to put is "should I be surprised? Was the slight snow difference enough to bring the conditions under that skis performance umbrella for my size?" Was anything else coming in to play?


I sense a learning opportunity in that I had assumed the little skis would struggle when in crud, but instead got a very pleasant surprise. I am hoping some experienced folk here may have some comments that will help me better understand the subtleties of terrain, conditions, and ski choice.


Cheers all



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It's been my experience that a longer ski is less work in the conditions you have described, although at 135 lbs, 183 should have been long enough.


I would guess that on the less steep slopes you were concentrating on skiing, and just trying to ski well, but on the steep slopes your were trying to slow down, skiing with the brakes on as it were.  I think Bob has referred to the former as a "go there" attitude.


It's much more tiring to ski while trying to slow down than it is to just ski and let the skis run.  It is also safer to stay within the speed limit of your skis and your comfort zone, so you may have to compromise.

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